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TBT: Finding Heart Chapter 5



It was a long night; in fact it was an extremely long night in my mind. The nightmares continued until the early hours of the morning, and I couldn’t stop tossing and turning. At the same time, my brain wouldn’t let my eyes open. It was as if some outside source was keeping them glued shut. I kept fighting the urge to sleep, wanting only to wake up and see the sun shining through my bedroom window. Too bad I’m not that lucky.
It seemed like hours, days had passed in my nightmares. I dreamed about the devil coming and ripping my heart out. Actually, maybe he was after my stomach. That’s where the pain kept shooting from at least. And then there was another dream; one where a man, dressed in black, with an angel’s face and wings came up and smacked me across the face. When he touched me, my heart stopped. Then he walked away, and my life seemed to end.
Finally I woke up. It took forever for my eyes to adjust to the light. When they finally adjusted, everything was green. What happened? I thought to myself. I rolled over and pulled off my blanket. Wait a minute, why is my blanket blue? After finally focusing my brain, pulling myself out of my dream world, I finally realized where I was. I’m still in the woods, my brain screamed.
I jumped up off of the ground and tripped over a limb. Crap, I thought as my feet lost their balance. Before I knew it I was drenched. Everything from the roots of my hair to the twenty-dollar sandals I was wearing was covered with water. It didn’t help matters that I was still sitting in the quietly flowing stream. I was finally able to pull myself out of the water and back up onto the blanket. I wrapped myself in the now-drenched cover and began stomping my way home. No way were my parents going to be happy about this. I wasn’t even happy about this!

The key jammed into the door because I forced it to. As I reached for the doorknob, someone opened it before me. I glanced up to see my dad standing in the entrance to our house. Just like I had thought, he didn’t seem to be in a very good mood.
“Hi Dad,” I mumbled to the sky as I looked up, hoping for a bomb to drop on me while I could still avoid the look in his eyes. I hate my dad being mad at me.
“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!” my dad said to me. I was shocked that he wasn’t really screaming; yet he was definitely upset. “We have been waiting for you for the seven hours! If you were going out with friends you should have called. Just because we haven’t given you a cell phone doesn’t mean you can’t call us. You are fourteen years old young lady, and you have no excuse! No excuse at all!”
As Dad paused for a breath, and hopefully to stop his face from turning redder, I dashed through the door. Mistake, I thought as Dad caught my squeaky sandals walking across the hardwood floors. “Stop right there missy. What do you think you are doing walking on our good floors with wet shoes? You take them off this instant! And then get straight up to your room, change your clothes, and go to sleep!”
“That’s where I’m going Dad. Be mad at me all you want, but I’m going to my room already. So stop yelling,” I mumbled back. He couldn’t even hear me he was breathing so heavily. I was just glad that he didn’t; all I needed was another punishment for talking back. I don’t know why my mind was so tired but I wouldn’t have lashed back if I weren’t almost already asleep.
As I climbed the stairs to my room, I took the wet blanket off from around my shoulders. I threw it into the laundry shoot in the upstairs hall, walked into my room, and barely pushed with enough energy to get the door latched closed. When I was safely hidden in my paradise world, I took off my wet clothes, threw them on a pile, changed into some sweats and a t-shirt, and then climbed onto my soft, colorful bed.
I am always so glad that my bed is as comfortable as it is. I can’t ever fall asleep unless I’m surrounded by pillows and covers. This bed was perfect for me; especially right now, when I was so tired. Within five minutes of my head hitting the pillow, I was totally asleep. My dreams began to fill my head again and I drifted off until the next morning came.


TBT: Finding Heart- Chapter 4



There’s a very long silence as this stranger looks up into my eyes. He seems to be waiting for a reaction of some kind. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what expression my face is giving him. If only I could know whether I were scaring him away, confusing him, or worrying him yet again. It’s not until he finally breathes a heavy sigh and turns away that I know I must have upset him. “I’m sorry,” I mumble, more to the trees than to anyone else, “I don’t know who you are just by your name.” 
Slowly Angel-man turns back to me with the most confusing look I’ve ever seen in my life. He looks as though he is about ready to cry, about ready to do something he will regret forever. “Look, maybe other things were going on when you found out who I was, but you know who I am. I know you do.” 
“I’m sorry, I really don’t remember you. I’m trying though. Can’t you just explain some more?” Man, I must be a total idiot, my brain tells myself. 
“Brandon, my name is Brandon. I’m Brandon, as in new kid at school? Don’t you even remember what happened in the cafeteria?” he questions. 
“Yeah, I do. How could I forget what happened to me in their? I’m fairly sure I just lost everything I’ve ever known to be my life. There’s no easy way to forget that. There is no way to forget that,” I say certainly, “Oh…wait, you’re the Brandon? And the new kid today? Wow… I’m sorry. I didn’t put two and two together.” I’m now stumbling over my words as my body begins to take control again. I can’t control myself. As my mind races to realize that Melanie was telling the whole school I had a crush on Angel-man, my body remembers everything that happened this morning. The part of me that I can still control is really hoping that I don’t start puking again. I sure feel like I’m going to be soon. 
“Yeah, I’m so sorry about that,” he says sincerely, “If there were any way for me to stop it, any way to leave you out of this, I would have.” 
Now I can feel my forehead wrinkling as I go from interested to confused. How can he think that this was his fault? My mind is screaming so many questions right now. I wish I could get the answers to all of them. “But, wait, how are you blaming yourself for this? How is this in any way your fault?” 
“I’m the new kid, and if you even knew me from before today, you would know that I carry around a curse. Maybe it’s not really a curse, but it seriously feels like it. Sometimes I wonder why everyone is out to get me but then I realize maybe I’m just that unlucky.” 
“A curse? Wait, wait, this isn’t making any sense now,” I begin to almost scream, “How can you blame yourself for this? How can you care about me so much when you don’t even know me? How come you held back my hair, helped me up, held my hand? Why do I deserve anything you are doing for me right now? And from before, you said that you couldn’t stay away for long? Stay away from where? Brandon, I’m really not understanding any of this right now,” I stutter. 
“That’s a lot of questions. Let’s see, first, I blame myself because without me there no one would have ever looked at you as the target. Secondly, I care about you because I see your pain; I feel your pain. I know what you are feeling right now and I can’t help thinking that is partially my fault. Besides, I’m not like the rest of those lowlives in that school. Thirdly, I did all of those things because I care. I’m not sure why, but I feel attached to you now. Like I did something and I have to set it right. But not just that, it’s that I really think you and I are so alike; I can see it in your eyes. You deserve everything I am doing right now because you are a sincere person. I can just see it. If you don’t believe me, well there’s no way to prove that. And lastly, I can’t stay away from home for long, especially after school hours. That one is a long story that I might share with you another time. For now, I just want to know that you are all right. Are you?” 
Wow. “Um…yeah. I am now truthfully. You don’t have to care about me you know. You definitely don’t have to blame yourself for what happened in there. You’re definitely making it all better right now, and you would not be the only reason they pointed their fingers at me,” I say, trying to explain that he doesn’t need to feel so horrible about himself, “Honestly? I don’t like the look you have right now. I want to make it go away. I’m not sure why I care about anyone but myself right now, but I care about that face right there. Can’t you just smile or something? Your look is killing me.” 
Slowly a smile shows up on Brandon’s face. Even though he still has the worry lines creasing his forehead, I’m sure mine aren’t going away soon either. As the smile reappears, my lips seem to be trying to reach their peak before his can. We sit like this for a while, just smiling at each other. It seems as though we are both happy. Yet, I wonder if he really is. Deep down I know I’m not okay. I can’t help thinking maybe he still isn’t either. 
After we’re done smiling at each other and enjoying the silence, the mood changes. Suddenly it seems awkward, sitting here, staring at some random guy. At least I know his name now, but I still know nothing about him. His looks are still turning me on, and off too, depending on which part of him I’m focused on. 
Brandon still seems totally content with watching my face as the school bell rings for the end of the day. Suddenly his body shifts away from mine, off of the blanket. Sooner than I can think even the simplest thought, his feet are back underneath of him, and Brandon is standing up again. This time he doesn’t seem to be waiting for me to follow. Instead his facial features have drooped again, and he seems to be shaking. As I try to reach out for him, ask him what is wrong, he disappears. It’s not that he runs so fast that I can’t see him leave, but by the time my mind realizes he is leaving me alone in this place, the angel that I spent my afternoon with is already out of site. The feelings of dread and the thoughts from earlier in the cafeteria come running back to me. I hate the feeling that something is smacking me in the face. Before I have time to control my upcoming anxiety attack, my body takes over. The last thing I remember is curling over the edge of the stream and letting my body dispose of the last few remains the day’s lunch. 

TBT: Finding Heart Chapter 3



“Wow…” he replies. Instantly his face takes on a strange, confused expression. He seems lost, as if he’s suddenly wondering where he’s at and who he is talking to. I feel as if I said something wrong but didn’t I just ask him who he is? What is wrong with that? Instinctively I frown. In truth, I hadn’t realized I was ever smiling, but I can feel my lips droop at the edges. His face seems even worse as he watches my expression take a dive. 
“What’s wrong?” he finally asks me. 
“Nothing,” I reply. I don’t want to tell him what I’m thinking. I definitely don’t like other people in my head. 
“Something is wrong. You should have just seen your face drop.” 
Fine. I guess I’m going to be forced to tell him. Obviously he doesn’t believe me, and if I pause too much longer he’ll think I’m a freak. Plus I can’t bear to look at his face like that. An angel should never look so worried. “I was just wondering who you were. I’ve never seen you before, anyone like you. I was just wondering why you’re here. But then you seemed to get mad, upset, or something…” I say hesitantly. 
Maybe I really should have kept my mouth shut because now I’m feeling like dashing back to the toilet again. If I puke even one more time today, I’m giving up on trying to hold myself together. I’m giving up on everything. Seems like my body doesn’t want to listen to my mind. The next thing I know I’m pausing our conversation to dash for the stall again. 
After minutes of stomach convulsions from my already empty stomach, I notice someone holding back my hair. I totally forgot that I was wearing it down until I tried to move my head and something held it in place. “Oh sorry,” he mumbled from behind me as he let my hair fall. I smile slightly as I look up to see his face. He’s frowning even more now. It’s verging on scary that his face looks so worried. 
As I stand up, his arms hold me gently. It seems as though he’s trying to help me. In fact, that’s definitely what he’s doing. But why? “Look, I’m not sure who you are, or where you’ve come from, but I’m really not in the greatest shape right now. I don’t know why you are looking at me like you think I’m going to die, but you don’t have to look so torn up about it. I know you’re just like the rest of them. I know you don’t care what happens to me or even know who I am. So why don’t you just go and leave me be?” My voice seems suddenly harsh and I’m astonished I’m talking at someone. It’s definitely not in my nature to be so blatantly mean. 
“There is no way, NO WAY, I am leaving you here like this. Now if you breathe, calm down, and give me a minute I’ll tell you who I am. I can explain why I’m so concerned,” he begins. “If you want to give me the chance.” This last statement he says as more of a question. It makes his explanation seem more intriguing, harder to divert around. In a way I don’t even want to know what his reasoning is. Whoever he is he will hurt me just like the rest of them. That fact I’m sure of. At the same time, he way he makes me question a decision that I’ve already made is confusing and puzzling. Add to that the way his voice just lets words roll off of his tongue like songs sung from the skies. I am seriously questioning my sanity and his humanity. 
“If you insist on explaining, I guess I can’t stop you. I’m not going anywhere and I doubt I can make you leave either.” 
“Good. But can you do me a favor before I start? Can we get out of this bathroom? No offense to you or anything, but this place smells,” he says with a small smile. 
“Sure, but tell me something first. Are you sure you don’t just want to leave so no other girls catch you in the girls’ restroom? Weren’t you the least bit embarrassed when that girl walked in a while ago?” 
“Her? I barely even noticed. Now come with me.” Slowly he reaches out for my hand. While I’m not all into holding hands with guys, especially not guys like this one, I find myself grasping his hand like it’s my last chance at survival. As he begins to pull me out of the bathroom, I realize how much time has passed. There’s a big clock in the lobby right outside of the bathroom door. From it I can see that it’s almost 2:30, almost time to go home. My heart starts to beat louder because I’ve been waiting for this moment all day. Yet it’s also beating faster because I realize we aren’t headed anywhere near the classrooms. Instead we are out the lobby doors, across the parking lot, and down the street. 
I hate walking this street alone. It makes me hold Angel-man’s hand just a bit tighter. Even though the sun is out, this road has a strange way of casting off a creepy feel. While all of the houses are new, occupied, and perfectly built every one of them looks exactly the same as the next. Then, as you come to the end of the street you see a huge forest that towers over the stop sign. I’ve never ventured into the darkness of these trees and hopefully I will never have to. 
Yet as the road turns off either left or right, I find myself following my angel directly into the forest. I don’t even pause to think about what we’re doing. I simply hold his hand tighter and allow my heart to quicken once more. As soon as we are in the cover of the trees, my angel turns to me and breathes a quick sigh of relief. It’s almost as if he was worried about something as we ran away. 
Next thing I know, he is guiding me down a barely visible path, moving slower now. “Where are we going?” I manage to whisper in the sleeping woods. Nothing seems to move here and my voice makes it seem like I am breaking some silent curse that hangs over the place. 
“I have this place I like to go by myself sometimes. I don’t come here often; it’s dangerous for me to be away for so long. I just thought it would be a good place for us to talk,” he explains, “If you aren’t comfortable here, we can turn around now. I would understand.” 
“No, let’s go there. It’s all right. I just haven’t…ever been in here before,” I reply cautiously. Right after I’m finished speaking, he stops walking. I look away from our united hands to see a stream running silently through the middle of our path. Along the bank are flowers of every color imaginable. I can hear crickets making noises and frogs by the water. Everything seems bigger, better, and brighter here. I’m in complete awe as Angel-man sits me down on a blanket. Even though it seems to have been here for a fairly long time, Angel-man seems sure that no one will come looking around for the ratty blue cover. 
“So I know I have some explaining to do. I guess I’ll begin with my name,” he says, looking at the ground, “I’m Brandon; Brandon Thomlinson.” 

TBT: Finding Heart Chapter 2


Chapter two of the story I wrote a few years ago can be found below— don’t be mad. This one is a bit of a cliff-hanger. At least you just have to wait until next Thursday for chapter 3! Enjoy! 🙂

Just as I’m getting ready to have the worst panic attack of my life, someone comes into the bathroom. I’m on the verge of tears and almost can’t stop from crying out loud. Whoever decided to use the bathroom now does not have the greatest timing in the world. I somehow force my body to freeze in the middle of my panic attack. As the footsteps walk across the tiled floor, I get a weird feeling. Why does it sound like the person is walking so heavily? Why does it sound like boots or sneakers and not fancy high heels or sandals? 
As I’m trying to figure out who would even attempt to commit such fashion suicide in this school, I’m interrupted. The knocking on the wall makes me wonder what is going on now. I don’t understand why someone would feel the need to knock on the other stall’s door. When I came in it wasn’t even totally closed, or locked. So why knock? Then, as my ears focus in, it dawns on me… the knocking is coming from this stall’s door! 
“Um, hello?” A strange male voice whispers to the blood red stall door. My heart immediately starts up again. This is a girl’s restroom. Besides, I’m in the handicap stall. No one at our school is even handicapped, really. At least they don’t have access to this restroom. “Listen, I know you’re in there. I saw you run away when you ran into me. I’ve been waiting for you to come out, but it’s taking you a while. I… I wasn’t sure if you were okay.” 
Pause. Did someone just try to find out if I was okay? Who is this person? Obviously not someone I’ve talked to before. He must be a No-lifer, my kind now I guess. As I try to compose myself to walk out the door, it sounds like he’s about ready to walk away. I can’t let him. I’m not sure who this person is, what they are doing here, or why they care about me but I need someone now. More than I ever have before. 
As fast as my brain can make my legs work, I’m up off of the toilet lid, at the stall’s door, opening it, and running out into the restroom. As my eyes adjust to the better lighting in this area of the room, I see a tall, dark haired guy. His back is facing me, but from what I can see he’s wearing a black tee, black pants that are covered in chains, and black combat boots. Was this some kind of joke? I thought to myself. 
As time seems to stand still for me, I calculate how many guys I know from CHS that dress like this. The chains are huge, the black is weird, and this look is slightly creepy (even from the back). I know how many guys there are who dress like this in my school; zero. Maybe someone broke in and I didn’t hear the alarm. Or something. Something has to be going on here. This is just not normal in any way. 
I haven’t really made any noise yet, and the guy is still headed away. Maybe if I turn around quickly, move quietly, and get back into the stall this creep will never see me. Then I can wait until he leaves and sit here in my horrific breakdown mode again. Before I can decide whether to move or stay, the guy turns around. I stare; shocked at his face. 
Though his hair sweeps across his forehead in a way that matches his outfit, and he has red streaks mingling with his black hair, I can only focus on his face. He looks amazing. These deep blue-green eyes glance at me from underneath his stray bangs. His mouth curls upward like a child’s arms reaching for the sun. He gets this blush red color on his cheeks that just make him look all the more interesting. This is not what I was expecting at all. Here I was scared; scared of someone who looks like an angel dressed in devil’s clothes. 
It must take a minute or more before we stop staring at each other. I’m not sure if it’s the way he looks or the pull that my mind has for a friend of any kind, but I can’t stop looking up into those eyes of his. At the same time, he seems just as mesmerized by me. But I must be mistaken; no one likes me at all. Maybe he’s waiting for me to say something. After pulling my brain away from the angel’s face, I open my mouth. And yet again, someone interrupts me. This seems to be happening a lot to me today. 
A girl pushes past the heavy restroom door and stops immediately when she sees the two of us standing in the middle of the room. As her jaw drops, her eyes lock on the image of me and the Angel-man, as I have just decided to call him. She immediately turns around and stalks out of the bathroom with that same astonished look on her face. 
This entire time, Angel-man has not stopped looking at me. Not even once. It’s making me blush, making my stomach churn. “Um…who are you?” I ask hesitantly. The suspense in this room and the silence is killing me. 

TBT: Finding Heart Chapter 1


I’m standing on top of the table in the cafeteria. It’s not just any table; it’s the popular table, my table. Well, it used to be. At the moment I’m telling off my soon to be ex-best friend because she has this horrible whiny voice that won’t stop teasing the “No-lifers” of our school. That’s what her group calls them, this so-called “friend” of mine. Basically anyone who is not sitting within ten feet of my beautifully sandaled feet is a No-lifer. Anyone within the ten feet is considered a Lifer, a popular one.
Anyways, I’ll get back to my point. I’m on top of this table, for whatever reason, about to curse out some girl that I have never even attempted to talk back to in my life. Yet, I have wished this would happen so many times. I’m not sure why I have suddenly come to the conclusion that an outburst is the only thing that will solve this problem, but I finally have.
Everyone is staring at me as if I’m a leech, a No-lifer, and a freak. This doesn’t surprise me because that’s my problem in the first place. Everyone has been looking at me like I have three heads lately. They’ve all, even my friends, been talking about me like all three of my heads were never attached to ears. They act as though I can’t hear them, as though I can’t see.
Even now Melanie’s smirking face is making my stomach twist and knot. I want to punch her instead of yelling at her but I know I don’t have the guts to do that much. I’m barely standing on these wobbling legs as it is. In a split second I find that my brain is finally getting tired of everyone staring at me. I’m tired of my feet wobbling. So I begin to open my mouth. I’m not quite sure what will come out, but I’m about to do something I have never dreamed possible.

Sigh. A slight nudge on my shoulder makes me realize it was all too good to be true. As my eyes refocus on reality I realize that I’m still sitting. At least I’m not being bumped and jolted around like normal. The group seems a bit less than rowdy today. I’m not sure what’s going on.
As I zone in on the conversation that Melanie and Samantha are having on my right, I realize that there’s a new kid in school. They’re talking about him as though he is a parasite. Whoever this poor guy is, he’s definitely a class A No-lifer in their eyes. Funny, I didn’t even notice there was anyone new today and the day’s half over already. Thank God for that fact.
It seems as if life cannot get any harder for me right now. It’s been this way for the past few months. Though Melanie and I sit loyally beside each other every day at lunch, walk to classes together, and do homework in the same group things have totally changed. I’m not sure if her attitude has gotten worse or if I’ve simply become tired of this way of life. So many times I dream of walking away, pretending this is not my table, not my group of friends, not my life. Then in the next minute I’m realizing that Melanie and the rest of my friends are all I know. They’re all I’ve ever really known.
It started back in second grade when I met Samantha. She and I became close instantly. With her she brought into my life a huge new group of friends. Her cousin’s dad and her parents were always important in our town. Children and their parents easily flocked to the two “heads” of our group. It’s always been that way, and for whatever reason no one has ever questioned the ranking order of our class’ students.
Again I’m pulled back from my mind. “So Hilary, what’s your problem today? You’ve been so off lately that it’s not even funny,” asks Melanie now that she seems to have realized I am still sitting beside her. At the instant she asks, everyone’s heads turn. Every person at the table turns to stare at me. The entire lunchroom seems quieter now and the only thing I can hear is my heart. It feels like it’s trying to beat out of my chest.
“Not much, why do you ask?” I am finally able to reply.
“You just are acting so weird,” she replies with a smirk on her face.

“Weird how? I don’t understand…”
“Well it seems to me, and the rest of us here, that you have a little secret to share. So why don’t you tell everyone? Tell them about your secret, your new crush.”
“I’m not quite sure I know what you’re talking about,” I say as my voice trails off thoughtfully.
“We know that you and Brandon are ‘together’. You might as well tell everyone that you are madly in love with the school’s new No-lifer.”
As soon as the words are out of her mouth everyone at the entire table starts to crack up laughing. I, on the other hand, am totally confused. My cheeks begin to heat as my heart races faster and faster. I know everyone is looking at me but I don’t see any of them. I’m staring at my feet instead, hoping that I lost myself in my daydreams again. Too bad I know I’m in reality this time. None of my daydreams ever turn out like this. The only similarity between now and my dreams is the fact that someone is standing up and shouting.
As I glance up, I see Melanie standing there shouting to get the entire grade’s attention. It doesn’t take long for her to accomplish. Sooner than I ever thought possible everyone’s eyes are on our table, on Melanie standing there laughing, and on her trusty sidekick Samantha. “I just wanted you all to know, that new boy Brandon is now one of the luckiest men in the world. He seems to be lucky enough to have snagged our very own, newly ranked No-lifer, Hilary.”
If the entire lunchroom wasn’t quiet before, they are now. Had my cheeks been able to get any redder, they would have right at that instant. I’m not sure what led her to think these horrible things, but my feet are quickly becoming my best friends, and my worst. As I stand up, I almost lose my balance from the dizzy feeling my head is giving me. I can’t seem to walk straight. At the same time, staring at my feet allows me to almost forget that everyone is staring at me.
Where are all of the teachers? What is happening? Why me? My brain simply won’t stop running in circles, and I feel like I’m on the verge of puking. As I race for the bathroom, I bump into someone. I don’t even look to see who it is. Instead of mumbling sorry, I grab my mouth, my stomach- and I race as fast as I can to the door on my left.
I’ll save you from the gory details of what happened next, but before I realize it, I’m curled up on the lid of the large handicap toilet. No one ever uses this one; as long as I keep my feet off the ground no one should notice me for a few hours. That’s all I have to last, I tell myself, just a few more hours.
How my life turned out this way, how I am finding myself alone, sick, and ready to die, I’m not sure. But that’s where I am and I can’t seem to find any way out of it. As my anxiety starts to take control of my body, I begin to shake. My breathing quickens and my oxygen intake slows. I place my hands over my head as I start to suffocate. I absolutely hate stupid anxiety attacks but I’ve had them since before I can even remember. I’ll make it through this one just like the rest of them… I hope.


Finding Heart: Introduction


A few years ago I wrote a story…

It was never published or anything like that, but I do have a copyright on it. It was a big thing for me for quite a long time. I remember how it all started…

Summer was coming and school was over. I was (still am, thank you!) a complete nerd, and was going to miss having something academically stimulating to work on. So one of the faculty members at my school suggested that I write a short story over the summer. “Play around with it,” she said, “See what you can come up with.”

So I started writing. Randomly at first, and then with some more purpose. The first part of the story that I finally came up with and decided to use is my favorite part of the entire thing.

Needless to say, I have kept a hold of the thing for this long, and nothing has ever come of it. I’ve thought about self-publishing but just don’t have money to  put into that adventure in this stage of my life. I’ve considered posting it here instead, and think that I will begin to do so instead of doing something similar to TBT (as I had originally planned).

The story isn’t a difficult read, and many of the sections aren’t very long. It will only take a few minutes to read, since I will only post one section per week.

Any comments on the story idea would be great! I am not sure that I’ll write anymore or do more tweaking, but it’s good to know other people’s opinions.

Thanks so much!