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I was looking forward to posting today, but no one gave me any ideas for the Reader’s Choice post for today. Please remember that you can comment on any Reader’s Choice post with an opinion, thought, fact, or topic for me to discuss the following week. I have not had much input from all of my readers on this, so I may be changing Saturday’s topic, but for now I want to give this another shot. Please give me ideas! I am open to writing about most anything. I’ll even do research if I don’t know enough about the topic that someone gives me. So comment below- let me know what you want to hear!


Reminder: Reader’s Choice


Grab Bag: Long Distance Relationships


Grab Bag


No one really gave me a topic this past week, so I was not sure what to write about today. I asked some people, and one of them suggested I write about long distance relationships and my thoughts on them. However, this subject has been one of stress for me lately, so I don’t really feel like thinking about it all that much today. Maybe next week…

In the meantime, please, please give me some topics for Grab Bag posts. If no one participates, I will have nothing to write every Saturday!

In lieu of writing about my thoughts and feelings, I have decided to stick with the topic of long distance relationships, but am going to put a twist on the idea. This post is for those of you who are in (or may one day be in) a long distance relationship. Below are the top ten programs, technologies, or other items that will help make your long distance relationship work.

10. Internet- yes this one is the lowest on the list but is absolutely necessary in my opinion. It just holds so many opportunities, that I won’t even list pros and cons here. Be creative- figure out ways to use it to your advantage all on your own! (Yes, by this point I am starting to run out of ideas- I started with #1 since it was easier to come up with the best items first.)

9. Travel Companies- This is a given, but is low on the list because it costs a lot of money to travel. If you are a student, try Amtrak for discounted rates if their tracks run between you and your s.o.

Pros: You can see each other in person! Yay!

Cons: We’ve all traveled, do I need to explain?

8. Specialty stores online, such as Think Geek. Find something that you both have in common and do some “shopping” together. You don’t even have to buy anything!

Pros: Learn more about the person you are with; get great gift ideas without them even knowing; try picking the ugliest or craziest product out of a category and get some pretty good laughs just because you can!

Cons: Not suggested for shopaholics or people who have their credit cards handy.

7. Books! If you think this one is crazy, hear me out. There is nothing better than laying down and listening to your s.o. read you a story before you fall asleep.

Pros: You are doing something together; this is one experience that you can share regardless of how far apart you are, without technology being the main base; great for those days when you are sick, exhausted, etc.

Cons: Well you can’t cuddle or anything like that, and unless you both own the same book, there’s no such thing as taking turns reading.

6. An unlimited data, talk, and text plan. My personal suggestion: Boost Mobile’s shrinking monthly plan. By the end you can pay 40 bucks a month for unlimited everything, including up to 2.5GB per month of 4G speed data.

Pros: Ability to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime; ability to share photos or videos; normally GPS capable; Internet access for during travel or when your Internet crashes and you were just having the most important conversation ever!

Cons: Who ever thought we would pay this much for a phone?; normal cell phone glitches according to which plan, phone, or company you choose to go with.

5. For gifts (especially for the lady), try ProFlowers.

Pros: Fairly inexpensive considering the price you can pay for some flowers; vases are often included with the flowers; each flower arrives in bud form so that they will bloom in front of your eyes and live longer!

Cons: There are many complaints on the Internet of different situations that are negative, but you can research those on your own. I’ve never had any problems!

4. I’m a big fan of Facebook, and not just for my relationship. It is the best way to stay in touch with anyone who does not live down the street or for those you don’t see all the time!

Pros: Ability to share photos, videos, and messages to friends; half decent privacy settings (but you have to be careful how you set them up); ability to share interests such as movies, books, hobbies, etc.; the ability to play free games online (without download) with friends; private chat options; a calendar of “events” where you can plan meetings, parties, etc.

Cons: Privacy settings must be set correctly or other people will be able to see your information; Facebook also updates/changes their appearance and abilities on a fairly normal basis which can be annoying to some.

3. If you are into games, offers multiple games for your electronic device. Possibly the most popular game included is World of Warcraft.

Pros: Free up to a certain level for each game; ability to create a friend’s list and interact with other people; quests can be completed as a group (so you can play with your s.o.) or you can compete against them to see who will finish a task first; share clothing, supplies, etc. with your friends

Cons: Must be downloaded to your device before use (no charge applies for the dl); Goes down for maintenance every once in a while, but not for too many hours at a time; a monthly fee applies for higher levels and abilities; other products must be bought as well (but are not necessary for game success)

2. Try using Hulu, the best (and easiest) way to watch shows and movies together.

Pros: Free access to many shows, including some that are not shown on TV; no download required; plays directly from your Internet browser and can be used on multiple devices; sometimes allows for the user to skip commercials to save time (and boredom); keeps track of all of your previously watched shows and episodes; picks up where you left off if the Internet crashes or you have to stop halfway through a show and come back to it another time.

Cons: Commercial breaks are not always broadcast on two devices at the same time (having a perfect sync with another person is difficult); some services are fee-based, but their monthly rate is fairly low if you are interested.

1. Finally, the absolute best resource I have found thus far, Skype. This program is absolutely free and allows you to have unlimited chat and video call with anyone else who has the same program.

Pros: Unlimited visual access, free audio calls, the ability to type, file sharing from your computer, the ability to use via PC, Mac, or Smartphone.

Cons: If your Internet access is slow, glitchy, etc. you may often lose calls or have trouble connecting them in the first place; your username is published so that other people can try to chat you at any point, but there is a privacy setting that allows you to block unknown users. (None of your private information is shared.)

Good luck!

Reader’s Choice: The Speed of Light?


Hey Everyone,

As I had previously discussed, each Saturday I will choose a topic that one of you have selected for my post’s conversation. This week, sadly, only one person posted an idea. However, that idea is pretty interesting since it relates to my area of study right now. The reader’s post said:

I saw a recent article that the speed of light may be less than has been thought. How would this affect physics on earth?

so that is what we will be discussing today. Here goes nothing…

I had to do some research on this topic, since I hadn’t even read an article similar to the one read by my reader. At first, I thought he was pulling my leg (since I know him and everything), but there are actually articles on this exact topic. If you would like to read one, click here.

There are some things that I already know about the speed of light, which I feel is important for all of you who are reading this to know:

  1. Einstein stated that the speed of light was a constant value,c, when light was traveling in a vacuum.
  2. When light travels through different substances (gases, liquids, etc.) it will travel at speeds other than c.
  3. Light can be reflected, refracted, etc. especially if it passes through a gas and into water, or through some other transformation. These situations (depending on what the exact circumstances are) can also affect the speed of light. 

Basically, Einstein made up this wonderful idea under idealized circumstances. If even one force acted on light, c no longer applied in the same way.

Now scientists have started to study the explosion of stars from the 1980s and 1990s because there have been some discrepancies. According to physics knowledge, the explosion of these stars should be visible in very specific patterns (as in, the light of the explosion will reach satellites or Earth at a certain time). The timing was off during one of the explosions, so now a ton of other questions have been raised.

The thing with this theory (even if it does end up being true) is that it won’t affect most of us in any major way. At least not in our lifetime. If the theory is correct, the change could be so infinitesimally small that no human may ever notice a difference. In fact, many of us only ever see stars as a dot in the sky anyway.

In terms of space, we won’t notice a difference. Even if the scientifically known value of the speed of light in space changes, the rising of the sun and moon, the movement of stars, etc. will not change. It simply means that Einstein made a mistake. Which will affect how people see some of his other theories I am sure, but again, that will really only affect the people who care enough about the scientific world to pay attention to the news stories that we may see.

The only thing that I believe may become a major change is our way of thinking. Especially scientists. For example, people used to believe the world was flat. This caused a bit of confusion when trying to navigate around the world, draw maps, etc. When someone went missing during a sea voyage, people would often assume they fell off the edge of the Earth. We now know that this is not true, and are no longer scared of being lost somewhere in space aboard a ship. If this new theory is proven, we would know even more about light. Scientists would be able to give more accurate descriptions and calculations of the distance between Earth and other celestial bodies. Because they are thinking that the speed of light is slower than what is known, bodies in space would actually be closer than what we think. Maybe one day astronauts will travel even farther than what we could ever dream of right now.

However, I will still stick with the conclusion that there will be no major changes in a citizen’s every day life. You won’t miraculously wake up the day this theory is proven and think “wow, the world has really changed” or “This is going to take some getting used to.” It just won’t happen. If you’re a scientist or a knowledge junkie… yes, this might change the way you think about some things. But as the article says, this theory is far from being proven. You cannot just schedule a star to explode in order to be able to measure the speed of light. We will have to create new equipment, new measuring tools, new satellites, and new inventions that we have yet to even realize that we need before this will ever be a scientific law. Until then, I say we all go about our business and enjoy the articles that are published on this subject whenever we come across them. For now, we will just have to believe Einstein and recognize that all humans make mistakes. If he’s one of them, then at least he’s just like the rest of us.

Have a good weekend guys! I’ll write some more tomorrow.  


Grab Bag Introduction


Saturday Header

What’s up for today?

I liked the idea of the Friday Mash-Up yesterday. It will give me a chance to ramble a tad without rambling ALL the time! So even though no one has read (or maybe just not liked/commented) yesterday’s post, I think I am going to go ahead and stick with the Mash-up theme for Fridays. Plus we have already established that Thursdays on this blog with be TBT days, except I will be posting chapters from the story that I wrote a few years ago. (After I run out of story, who knows what will happen…)

So for Saturdays, I wanted to do something fun. Something exciting! I hate always talking and not being sure if anyone is out there hearing me or interested. Plus Saturdays are the best day of the week. It’s the weekend, we can all relax for a few days, and (like today) the weather can make for excellent family or friend outing opportunities.

Keeping with the carefree nature of Saturdays, I am going to start Saturday Reader’s Choice posts. Obviously, this implies that I need input from all of you. So here is how it will all work:

  • As many followers, readers, etc. can comment on a Saturday post as would like to participate. 
  • When you are posting ideas for the following week, you must start your comment with the words ‘Grab Bag’. 
  • Each Saturday I will read the ideas and choose my favorite to write about for that Saturday’s post. From there, readers can comment on it to try to have their topic discussed the following week. 
  • Please, only one idea per reader per week. I want to give everyone and opportunity to participate! However, if your ideas are the best, I may end up writing about your ideas each week. 

This is supposed to be a fun idea, so please participate and make it interesting! You can request me to research a topic that you would like to know more about, answer a question that you would like to ask, etc. Be spontaneous and come up with the most interesting, best idea possible. By the end of next week, if we have participators, I will keep up with the Saturday Reader’s Choice posts. Otherwise, I will have to come up with a new idea. 😦

The fun starts… NOW!

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