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Trying to Make Myself Better While Trying to Make You Better

Trying to Make Myself Better While Trying to Make You Better

I know I have a lot of followers and other bloggers on here who suffer from something. Whether we deal with anxiety, eating disorders, depression, or any other mental “problem”, we know what it feels like to be too much in our own heads, too much controlled by them at times.

I have never in my life been so aware and outspoken about anxiety as I have been recently. I still don’t go screaming my problems from the rooftops, but I definitely have had my fair share of moments where my mouth just runs and words come out that wouldn’t have a few years ago. I am starting to realize even more that we are much more the same than we believe. I may not have anxiety as bad as some, others may have it better off than me, but I know everyone has had the basic feeling of anxiety at some point in their lives.

What I didn’t realize (until yesterday) was that I know more people than I think who suffer from depression and thoughts of suicide. I know that’s not something everyone wants to talk about don’t get me wrong, but I just never realized how close to home it would hit for me.

Over the past few years as a teacher, I have watched many kids who feel so depressed because of their performance in school, something going on with their family, etc. It has always broken my heart piece by piece to watch these students struggle with very little assistance given to them. Let’s face it; while I care, there’s only so much that I can do from a professional standpoint. Even worse, I don’t have the technical training to be able to truly give them advice that I would feel comfortable using. I know our brains are a complicated thing, and I’d hate for anything I said to make a negative difference to a kid who is already struggling.

One year I even had someone who was so depressed, they started dropping suicidal hints left and right. Based on the student’s personality, others thought they were joking. I took it seriously from the start just because mental issues hit so close to home for me. Thank God I did. While I cannot take full credit by any means, my awareness and notification to the proper people may have helped that kid in the long run. Yet every day I felt so fearful that I would never see that child again, that they would do something one evening or weekend that would cause me to lose them from my professional life forever. And that would have killed me.

So recently my sister-in-law started posting about how she wanted to do this Out of the Darkness Walk towards the end of October. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention hosts these walks all over the country to help raise money for their cause. They work on research, advertisement, and raising awareness for those mental issues that lead many people to thoughts of suicide. Their goal is to decrease the suicide rate by 20% by the year 2025.

While I’ve never done anything like this before, I decided I was going to walk with her. The organization gives you the option of simply walking to raise awareness or to walk because you are trying to earn some funds for their cause. While I don’t have a lot of money to spare, I do plan to donate something of my own. Yet, I thought it would be such a waste to try not to raise any money at all.

Which is how I ended up spending quite a bit of time last night sharing information about my cause to my friends via Facebook. I asked that even if they could not donate themselves, that they share with their friends who may be able to. It was through these Facebook chats that I found out that there are even more people close to me who suffer so severely with depression. I did my fair share of feeling depressed and saddened last night. There was a moment where I almost cried. And I did a lot of praying, praying that those who really need this help find some way to get it before it is too late. I also prayed that anyone suffering from this issue never goes so far as to act out their thoughts.

Almost instantly (at least within less than an hour), this cause has become SO important to me that I am having trouble putting all of this into words. So for that reason, I’m just going to shut up now.

What I am going to do is to say that I am just one small, individual, meaningless person in this whole big world. In the long run, the best thing I do to make a positive difference is teach. But I feel like that’s not enough. So I’m going to do this walk, even if no one else walks with us. I’m going to do this walk whether my one single presence at this event makes a difference or not. I am going to walk even if I show up that day with only my meager donation in my hand and no one else’s. I am going to walk because this is important to me. I am going to walk for my kids and my friends and my family. Because I care.

If you are so inclined, feel free to read more about why I walk at my AFSP webpage here. There is a donation button and the option to share my page as well. Again, I know not everyone can give, but anyone who shares or donates even a few dollars will become even more near and dear to my heart!

Hopefully one day we will be able to kill that suicide rate!

With Love,



More About My Family


Tonight, for Grandparents’ Day, my sister and I went to visit my grandma. We were both tired from our long weekend (so excited that my sister and I practically spent the entire weekend together!) but we wanted to at least drop by. I’m quickly realizing that my grandma’s life is… like a ticking time bomb, and while she may not pass anytime soon (hopefully) we can never be too certain.

So besides the cancer that is going on, she fell the other day and broke a vertebrae. They want to do surgery, but grandma is basically against it. She’s got too much going on in her body and doesn’t know how well that would end. So she’s just dealing with the pain and management of all her health as best she can.

But what astonished me tonight more than anything was that we spent about 90 minutes at grandma’s, just talking about the past. I forget how we even got started, so I’m just going to list some things that we discussed. Hopefully I’ll remember more or find out more from her later.

  1. Grandma is mad at the local newspaper. She only gets it on Tuesday and Sundays, but today when she got the news, she noticed that none of the Football Friday events were listed. She told me she’s been having trouble reading through a Nora Roberts book for the past month or so. She’s been trying to use the newspaper and sports stats as entertainment while she cannot seem to focus on her reading. —- A side note here, I have never known my grandma to not have a book beside her that she flies through pretty quickly. Even when she and grandpa were still much more active, I remember her loving to read just like I do.— In any case, I ended up looking up the results of so many different sports games; Penn State, the local leagues, etc. She even tried to watch my kids’ game which was broadcast on TV the other night; she found that one boring to watch too.
  2. My sister tried hogmaw the other day from a lady at her work. She didn’t know what hogmaw was (neither did I), so grandma started to explain about it. Grandma calls it piggy maw, for the record. This was basically a meal that grandma liked, but hated to cook. She said it took the entire day and was extremely tiresome. You see, when the family butchered pigs, they set aside an entire day. My great grandparents on pappy’s side of the family all got together to do about 20 pigs. They started before breakfast, my great grandma would make pancakes (grandma says she was the best cook she ever met!), and then butchering would occur throughout the day. Even when grandma was growing up, she had to help butcher the pigs at her own parent’s house. Her job was to follow her mom around all day; their job was to make sure the men had what they needed, including food. So once the pigs got butchered to a decent extent, the women were in charge of cleaning out the intestines and the stomachs. They would make sausage with the intestines in preparation for cooking it and some potatoes in the stomach to make a hogmaw for dinner. (Pretty gross if you ask me, but I was enraptured by this story.)
  3. Grandma went on to discuss how there were at least five pieces of the pigs that got smoked in their smokehouse. Grandma and grandpa had a smokehouse up until they sold off the farms and got their final house (the house I will always think of as their’s). There were always 2 hams, 2 shoulders, and some bacon from each pig. Grandma was always scared of the smokehouses, she said it creeped her out. She knew in her head that you smothered the fire before leaving the smoker be, but she was still worried that the fire would flare up. Her latest smokehouse was also right next to their house’s front door, just to add to the anxiety. Nothing ever happened though, except for some good smoked pork.
  4. Grandma told me that my great grandma on grandpa’s side always liked to cook with greens. They weren’t a very wealthy family at all (almost poor from the way I interpreted her words), so great grandma would pick dandelions, cabbage, and lettuces from their gardens. It’s funny; grandma thinks that Aunt M.G. (my dad’s aunt) got most of her cooking skills from her mother. When she said that, I immediately flashed back to Aunt M.G. asking me to help her pull dandelions and other things from the front yard throughout the seasons. In any case, great grandma always made her hogmaw with cabbage.
  5. Along with that fact came the fact that my great grandpa (on grandpa’s side) worked quite a few years in Frederick County. Just him and two mules up in the mountains, pulling logs down off the hills. Why? Because he helped to bring the logs down to the county to create the first electric lines that part of Maryland had ever seen. Meanwhile, great grandma would be down the hill with the kids, taking care of the farm and trying to save up money however possible.
  6. Great grandma on grandma’s side was straight up Pennsylvania Dutch. She says almost every meal served at their table (2 parents and 7 kids, just FYI), included some kind of dough. The cooking was heavier and fattier (think Amish foods if you aren’t familiar). I find it interesting that grandma and grandpa came from two very different lines of people, but they all seem like exactly the same line to me. I guess they did have their similarities, but it sounds like grandma may have been much better off in her childhood since they had the means to provide for their family much more easily than grandpa’s seems to have.
  7. Grandma doesn’t know if our generation is better off or if her’s was. While she doesn’t understand this whole Internet phenomenon totally, she says she thinks her life may have been harder. She says it was good to know exactly where your food was coming from, exactly how it had been prepared, etc. but it was a hard and difficult life to go through. She says as a young kid, you just got used to everything because that was how you lived every day. She never thought hogmaw was disgusting or that entire days of butchering were out of the ordinary. At the same time, she wonders about the kids now who grow up not even understanding where milk came from. It’s interesting to see how she wavers between her ideas of “better” just like I do. Some days I feel like I should have grown up in a different era, when things were simpler but people were more honest and worked harder to get what they needed. Days were family oriented and your livelihood came from your farms. In any case, I find it interesting that we both waver back and forth on what we consider to be better between now and then.

In any case, I’ve decided I like the Internet, even if it’s only for this one reason: I never want to forget these conversations with grandma. I want to be able to come back here as often as I want and still imagine her sitting in her favorite chair telling my sister and I these stories on a quiet, rainy Sunday night. And no matter how many more conversations I get to have with her, I am grateful to know that I came from a family who were always so close, loyal, and amazing towards one another. That’s the part I love about my family best; they kept the closeness of the family together even after family butchering days ceased to exist.

For now Internet, happy grandparents day to any grandparents out there!


When it RAINs, it Pours


This has already been an extremely busy week at work. Disregarding the fact that the Internet wasn’t cooperating for half of the day, the academic gradebook site was also broken today. So what that meant for me was

  1. No way for me to keep up-to-date on my emails unless I killed my phone battery
  2. No way for me to finish my October lesson plan (to submit for my teacher program)
  3. No way for me to write any of my essays (though they aren’t due until March)
  4. A stack of graded papers for which the students have no clue what they scored

It was a long day to say the least.

Actually, though classes have been running smoothly, it’s just been a really long week. And it’s only Tuesday. Go figure.

Though I wanted to stay home tonight and do my own thing, I had a few responsibilities. The main one was to go and see my therapist. (The other was supposed to be to run the dogs, but it’s a good 100000 degrees outside right now, so my breathing is just saying no to that one.)

I don’t know how therapy works for anyone else, but I’ve been going to see someone to talk to every month ever since I was in the sixth grade. That’s when we realized that anxiety was really an issue for me; that’s when we realized I couldn’t just sit by and have these bad days and even worse nights because of my fears about school and death and other weird things that no other normal 6th grader would ever think to worry about.

Needless to say, I think my therapist knows me truly better than anyone else. Even my husband and my parents. Even my best friend (my sister). It’s weird to say that; it’s not like we’re Facebook friends, work together, or even go to the movies on a Friday night. But she does know a TON about my life.

I think she also knows that as the years have progressed, I probably don’t need to talk to her for an hour every month anymore. Sometimes I think she wonders why I bother to show up. Again, I’m not sure how therapy works for anyone else suffering from any type of mental differences, but there are sessions where I just sit and talk about my life the entire time. Sometimes I walk out of that office wondering why I just paid someone so that I could update them on my life without feedback or really much response at all. Then I reflect and realize that sometimes I just need that someone that I can talk to about anything (and honestly everything) in my life. A therapist by definition is someone you can talk to about anything; she not only allows me to do that but knows when I am seeking advice and when I just need that unbiased shoulder to lean on a bit.

**With all of the above being said, my life would not be the same in ANY way without my amazing therapist. So even though I downplayed her part in my health just there, I’m only doing so because some days that is my perspective. She does a lot more than I ever really recognize.**

I guess tonight’s sessions was one of those times that I actually needed some advice. After everything that happened this weekend with my anniversary and grandma’s health, I needed someone to realign my thoughts back to their “correct” path. I needed someone to sympathize with me a bit and remind me that it’s never going to be possible to eliminate these stressors entirely, but there are plenty of ways to handle them.

My current issue? Dealing with the stress that is lingering in the back of my head while I’m at work. For example, teaching a class today, I wanted to yell at a bunch of kids who would not stop messing around and chatting when others were trying to pay attention. By yell, I don’t mean I wanted to tell them to stop (as a decent-ish teacher, I definitely did that); what I mean instead is that I wanted to yell at them to get the heck out of my room and not come back until they realized that they needed to grow up and that not everyone can deal with their immature crap! Obviously, as a teacher, I cannot let that irritation and anger show at any time.

What I realized tonight was that I wasn’t actually angry or upset with those kids. Were they more annoying than I may have liked? Possibly. Could they have been quieter so as not to distract the rest of my students? Definitely. But was my anger actually directed at them? No. At some point today I found myself thinking about all of this weekend’s events and looking ahead to this weekend coming up. All I was craving at the moment was some peace and quiet; no running around for errands, jobs, and puppy playtime until all hours of the night. What I needed at the moment was to know there is a time coming (soon) where I will be able to sit back and relax for more than 20 minutes at a time with no one else on my mind but the book I’m reading, the TV I’m watching, or the adventure that I’m going on. Unfortunately that backfired as I remembered how hectic and sort of messed up this past weekend was. Looking ahead, I realized I’ll spend this entire Labor Day weekend tearing down my old kitchen and replacing it with our new cabinets. (Even the thought of this last makes my stomach twist. I hate change, and while I know we need new cabinets and we are getting exactly what we want for our kitchen, I’m also nervous to see if the change in our own home causes me some anxiousness for even a few days.)

My therapist says it’s okay to have these stresses in the back of your head and to try to cope with them, even while at work. Even though my main responsibility is a bunch of young kids, I need to remember that I need to take care of myself first or I’m no good to them. Even more, I need to realize when things are going awry (as in the above example) and be able to step back and hit a refresh button or to just take a deep breath until I get my head screwed back on straight.

So I was reminded tonight of a method that I was introduced to when I was in sixth or seventh grade. The RAIN strategy.

Image result for rain acronym                                      Borrowed from!


In any case, I have come to the realization in the last hour or so that I have started using RAIN subconsciously whenever I am having trouble with my anxiety. What I need to remember to do in the future however, is to use RAIN even when I am just feeling slightly stressed or “over” whatever the current situation is that I find myself in. Even my attempt at good happy thoughts today took a sideways turn for the worst; it would have been the perfect opportunity to remind myself of RAIN. Unfortunately, until tonight, I had forgotten to purposely force myself to think using these four steps.

So tomorrow my goal is this: Go into my classroom and find a place to store the RAIN sheet that my therapist gave me. It’s just a tiny slip of paper that can easily sit in my desk drawer or be taped under my keyboard. Yet just knowing that it’s there makes me hopeful that tomorrow will be filled with less negative thoughts and more positive re-directions for my kiddos and my brain. Here’s to hoping!

If anyone reading this has any trouble with anxiety or any other thought processing issue and uses RAIN, I would love to know how well it works for you! I’m looking for advice and examples all the time, so feel free to comment. Until then, I hope this reminder comes to you much faster than my therapist’s reminder came to me. Let’s just hope it’s not too late!


The Beginning of the Second


Today is a new day. While I don’t often blog two days in a row, I felt I needed to today. If only for the purpose of letting everyone who read yesterday’s post know that things do get better.

That’s probably the biggest thing that I’ve learned with anxiety; even though it may seem like your world is ending or will never feel right again, it always ends up getting better.

I’m not really sure which of my many strategies helped me last night to get over the shock of grandma’s change in condition or my husband’s seeming lack of care about our anniversary. It may have been the writing, it may have been that I picked up a good book and got lost in it for a while. It may even have been the fact that I had a decent cry as I talked to my husband about grandma last night. What I think may be more likely though is that time helped to heal.

As I had time to reflect, I realized my husband would never blow off our plans on purpose. In reality, we didn’t have anything set in stone, so my assumption that we would hang out all weekend was confused with his assumption that we would spend all day together on our actual anniversary. Plus, as I talked to T last night, I realized that time flying by when people are having fun had a lot to do with it too. He actually admitted that he would not have been away from me so long yesterday, but he totally lost track of time. Even more so, I think time had a way of calming my nerves and making everything seem a little more manageable.

You see, sometimes an anxious brain will jump to the craziest conclusions. For example: my husband not spending a few hours with me means he clearly does not love me as much as I love him. Or better yet, the fact that my grandma is running a fever clearly means that she will suddenly die before I get to see her again. It might sound crazy, but anxious brains often travel to the very worst (and possibly most outlandish) assumptions ever.

Luckily, I’m here tonight to say that things did not go as horribly as I made them seem yesterday. Giving my brain time allowed me to come back to the truth of reality and to see that things aren’t all as bad as they seem. I was also able to talk things out with my husband so we could make anniversary plans for last night and today. He also convinced me to leave him at home for a few hours this afternoon to go and see my grandma. I tried to resist at first because I felt bad for being away from him on our anniversary. He didn’t let me get my way though, and I’m glad he was there to remind me what is most important.

Last night played out pretty well. I was still pretty upset when my husband got home, but he decided to take the four of us to our favorite state park. We had a picnic (though we didn’t have picnic food, so we improvised by picking up pizza from a local restaurant), watched as our youngest pup, Zoey, played in the creek for the first time, and took a short hike that we have taken on occasion before. Doing things as a group of four helped me realize how close of a little family I have and how fortunate I am to be able to spend any time with them at all. Going to the park also reminded me that even the simplest things mean the most to me, no fancy food or events required for my happiness.

This morning we woke up and looked through a box I had stored for our first anniversary. There were guest books, cards, and relics from our wedding day and honeymoon to look at. Then we cut our anniversary cake (for breakfast no less!) and found out that it wasn’t as dry and horrible as we thought it would be. As I gave T his gift, he started to light up and smile. Though he didn’t get me anything (miscommunication on both our parts), I was happy that my idea worked out well. Every time I asked him what I should get him, he told me the traditional first anniversary gift was paper. I could not think of a single thing to get the man that involved paper! So I finally settled for writing him a bunch of “Open when” letters for times when I am not around to remind him how loved he is. He opened the first today, which included a summary of our first year together. He has others, which he quickly put in order of how he assumes he’ll end up opening them. (One of the top on the list is “Open When I become anxious and you don’t know what to do about it. Shocker there!)

Around 10, we decided that we wanted to visit the restaurant we ate at on our first “dating” anniversary. We enjoyed the meal that evening and decided to go back. Unfortunately, when I called to reserve a table, no one bothered to tell us that it was a brunch buffet until 2pm on Sundays. When we showed up, we were invited to get our food off the buffet. Not only was that buffet expensive, but it had the weirdest combination of breakfast and entree foods. I am glad to say that my stomach is no longer cut out for buffets (yay for losing weight) but I also feel as though I wasted some of T’s hard earned money by not eating my money’s worth. Oh well…

Though I went to visit grandma tonight (she is doing better than she was yesterday), I came home so we could light our unity candle together and spend some more time before our hectic workweek starts again in a few hours. So overall, though it wasn’t anything super special, I have to say this was a great anniversary.

The thing is, I need to remember who I am. Who we are. While my brain was so muddled on our wedding day because I wanted everything to be so perfect and to feel so happy the entire time, I have to realize that we had a small family wedding for a reason. I have to realize that going to the park yesterday was one of the biggest highlights of my first anniversary. And more than that, I have to realize that there’s a reason that my favorite parts of life are the simple, relaxed, things that we do together. The more I got worked up about trying to make plans for our anniversary, the more fun I think I sucked out of myself in preparation for a weekend that ended up being special anyway. The more I tried to do “fancy” and “special” things, the more my anxiety built up and I got too nervous to want to do much of anything.

So for next year, I need to remember this: my husband loves me and loves doing the same things as I do. We could have taken a bike ride to the shore or even sat at home in our pjs all day, and he would have been just as happy. Though you often think it sounds cheesy in the movies, it is honestly true that all I need, and all my husband needs, in life is to have quality time to spend with each other.

Here’s to another happy year! Thanking all of you who helped me pray yesterday and continuing to ask for prayer in my grandma’s name. Thank you!!


First Week is No More!


It’s official; I’ve survived my first week of school again for the fifth year in a row! This one seemed extra long and drawn out, but I have to say that part of it was my fault. Who schedules an eye doctor appointment for the evening of the third day of school? And who then follows it up with Back to School Night on the fourth evening? I am exhausted.

I think that’s why I’m sitting here writing at this point. Because I get extremely tired and then I get extremely emotional. You see, this is the weekend of my first wedding anniversary. I have been anticipating this weekend for weeks. Did I think we were going to do anything super special? No. Did I even think I’d want to do ANYTHING this weekend after how long this past week was? No. Yet I didn’t think that I would spend this entire day with just my two dogs, my sister, and her dog. Nor did I think that today would be the day that I would get some horrible news from my family.

So as I sit here, at home, I’m reflecting on everything that has been going on in life, and I wonder, when do we take time for us? I know as a teacher that I did not choose the best weekend in the world to be married. At the time I was questioning whether I was even going to return to teaching after a horrible experience back in 2016-2017. I never knew that I would be this exhausted and unable to plan anything super special because no teacher in their right mind wants to take time off during the first or second week of a new school year! But I’ve adjusted. Or so I thought…

The other thing that happened this week is that my husband bought a new truck. Well, new to us… more like a 1990 Ford pickup that had problems with the light system and the brakes. I wasn’t worried about it at all; I have an uncle with a garage, a lift, and plenty of experience fixing up pickups. I also know that my husband can figure most anything out on his own if given the time. What I didn’t know was that, in our state, you must have a newly purchased vehicle inspected within ten days of purchase. Quite a bit of a problem when there are issues that clearly cause it to fail inspection. My husband has spent almost every night this week at my uncle’s place working on this truck. I am excited to be able to use it next weekend when we install our new kitchen cabinets and remove our old ones. I’m also excited about it because the vehicle search is finally over! What I didn’t anticipate was that my husband would plan to spend this entire day also working on the truck.

We had discussed minor plans for our anniversary, just small relaxing things that would allow us to feel like we were away from our normal reality. Maybe a motorcycle ride to a new location, dinner at a fancy restaurant, a hike, or a trip to the movie theater. Nothing huge. Just special little things. I picked up our wedding cake tier and planned to pull out our wedding album, cards, etc. to look through. I got him a small gift.

So now I sit here waiting for my husband to return. I shouldn’t be upset at him for trying to get the truck done. It needs inspected in the next four days. But with this being our anniversary weekend, our FIRST anniversary, I at least thought there would be a bit more effort on his part. A bit more… care? I know he cares for me, and I know that he likes spending time with me, but he’s a guy. He wants to play with his new toy. I feel dumb for even putting blame on him because I know that deep down.

I think the real reason that I am upset is because I just got back from my parents’ house. I was picking up my wedding cake, but while I was there my dad gave me some news. Apparently my grandma’s cancer has spread so far into her bones that even a single fall would break most any of the bones in her body. While it cannot be fixed, they are at least helping her to manage the pain and trying to stop any further damage. Yet for the past few days, grandma has also been running a fever. She is showing signs of infection, but there is none to be found. So the doctors are guessing that she may have cancer that has traveled through her bone structure and into her brain. It’s the only part of the body they have not yet examined to check for why this fever and shortness of breath is occurring. To check the brain, an MRI needs to be scheduled. Except grandma is 84 years old, gets claustrophobic, and swore she would never have another MRI done in her life for any reason. So we aren’t sure whether she’s even going to allow them to check her brain. Plus, with her shortness of breath appearing for no real reason, no one is sure that anything is going to help at this point. Her bones are weak, her body is weak, and I think she may be tiring of this long fight with her cancer. The one thing I know about my grandma is that she didn’t spend so many years in this family with all of these other stubborn people around her to not have picked up some stubborn of her own. For that, I am fearful.

I know I spoke with grandma many times over this past summer. We mostly discussed the gossip of the town and our family, just because that’s what is most comfortable to talk about at this time. But there was one conversation we had about how far grandma was willing to go to beat this disease that has taken over her body. If she is sticking to any part of that conversation whatsoever, I have a feeling she won’t let that MRI happen. I am so grateful for the fact that grandma is at peace with what is happening. I may have my own personal regrets (being too busy to visit her often over the past few years for starters…) but at least she knows that I love her, that we all love her and she is still the one making the best decisions for herself. At the end of the day that is most important to me.

Except now that I am home, waiting for my husband to want to do something for our anniversary and thinking about my grandma being so suddenly sick compared to the last time I saw her, I cannot help but have all of this built-up emotion that I’m not sure what to do with.

The thing about anxiety is that it manifests itself in so many new and different ways that it could take a lifetime to learn how to deal with every reaction my mind decides to have. Just when you think you have it all under control, you realize you really don’t. At the end of the day, I know other people have gone through similar things to this. Yet this seems like a horrifying thing to me right now.

The important thing is for me to remember my coping strategies and for me to find the one that works right now, in this moment. While writing helps, I’m not sure this post will be enough this time. I may need to do more to find peace in my own current situations.

In the meantime, I hope anyone reading this will send a prayer up for my grandma. While I know time is limited, I also know that showing up at her doorstep so soon after hearing this news is the wrong thing for me to do. So I just pray that she makes it longer, even if it’s just a bit longer. Just enough time for me to get to see her again, have another one of those amazing, eye-opening conversations. Maybe one more episode of the Price is Right. If that can’t be, then I at least pray that she is still in that mode of peace, that she is still okay with everything that is going on. I’d appreciate anyone willing to help me out in prayer too.


While It’s Late, My Heart Breaks


It’s late. I’m sitting up in my husband’s office (to use the nicer computer!) unable to sleep because my brain has been nonstop nagging at me for the past 36 hours or so. While this post might seem useless and I’m not sure where it’s even headed to begin with, I’m going with the idea that if I don’t write right now, I will not sleep well tonight and may possibly ruin my entire weekend. Not guaranteeing this will fix anything, but I sure hope to try. Prayer and reflection just hasn’t been doing it for this one…

You see, I am an educator. Anyone who follows this blog should know this. You should also know that I am an extremely emotional person. What may not be so clear is how seriously I take my role in my career as a caregiver. I don’t mean to say that I baby all the kids and make them feel 100% at home (though sometimes I wish this latter were true). What I mean instead is that my heart goes out to each of my kids in their times of need. When something horrible happens in their life, or even when something great does. I hate making my life more stressful because of my emotions, but I refuse to be a teacher who could easily be replaced by a robot. 

So here’s the thing. I need to write about a situation that happened to me yesterday. Though it’s been an ongoing saga for many people around me, I just happened to find out yesterday. What I found out is basically that a young person in my care last year was going through a rather difficult time. Though I noticed change in their behavior, I honestly thought it was usual growing pains of a teenager. I never said a word to anyone. I never thought anything of it really. I cannot say I wasn’t concerned, but the concern was overshadowed by my other duties, by my other students, and by so many other parts of life that hit you when you least expect it. But here’s the thing; I cannot continue to teach right now in the state that I am in. I cannot imagine starting school with new kids on Monday and wondering which ones I might be “overlooking” this time, as unintentional as my actions may have been last year. 

While I’m struggling with so much here internally, all I really know is that I feel the need to apologize. To the student, to the parents, to anyone else who was carrying this knowledge and felt like they were trying to help alone. Because, especially as teachers, the more we pull together for a cause, the more effective we can be. 

To the child:

I want to apologize for having mistaken your changed behaviors for normal changes that happen while a young person is growing and finding their way into adulthood. I want you to know that I never meant to overlook you in any way. While it may not have seemed as though I did from your perspective, I feel like I let you down. Please know that you have taught me a lesson that I have never experienced before; that keeping my eyes open to every student at all times is vital to the health and safety of all my students.

Thank you for also reminding me that just because you don’t see someone else’s struggles doesn’t mean they aren’t there. I spent so much time trying to build up myself and others through difficult situations last spring… but I never totally considered all you must have been going through. I clearly didn’t see it, didn’t realize.

To you, I hope the biggest and brightest future. Because even though you might not feel like you deserve it all the time, you honestly do. Never forget that you are a unique and amazing person. Don’t ever let a soul take that away from you no matter what.

While I’m at it, I might as well throw this out too. You will probably never read this letter, and yet I need to say that I went through some horrible things as a young person myself. Though I cannot compare my life to your own, I can say that it does get better. And I’m not using that statement as a cliche. One day you will find out that even though these circumstances have worked out for the worst in many ways, one day you will realize how strong and independent struggles in life make you. I hope you realize it sooner rather than later.

To everyone else who did know about all of this:

I wish you had told me. I wish just one person had spoken up and told me that one of my kids were in trouble, were having trouble outside of school. I wish I knew that I could have at least attempted to help be a source of comfort. Knowing me, I never would have said a word to the student myself, but I would have worked doubly hard to ensure that my classroom was a safe environment from bullying and the terrors of any horrible reality that was occurring in any of my students’ lives. If only I had known then rather than now, at a time when I will never teach the student again. While I’m sure there will be others who need my support and guidance just as much, missing even this one opportunity to make a difference in any small way is breaking my heart.

That’s it for now. Not sure I feel any better, not sure this cryptic post will even mean anything to anyone else. Just needed to write it… Just hoping maybe one teacher will read and make an effort to be more aware of ALL of their students and ANY change in behavior, no matter how small. I know that this year my goal is going to be just that. To pay more attention. To make my classroom a safe haven for any child going through any negative situation. In the meantime, I’m off to write more specifically about this in my paper journal. My mind just isn’t settled yet… 



I Don’t Understand


Right now in life there are so many facts, so much data, and so many events happening simultaneously that it’s impossible for any one person to know everything. It’s even impossible in my opinion for someone to know everything that they would like to know. Maybe that’s just me though. As a teacher, I am always thirsting for knowledge. I love learning, which makes me able to learn and teach new things to others. But I digress…

Really what I’m trying to say is that even though I don’t plan on ever having all of the answers, right now I feel as though I have none. For example, I turn on Facebook or flip through a news station (which I admittedly don’t do very often), and all I see is negative. We had an entire professional development day yesterday at work about being positive, wording everything you say to your students in a positive manner, and being kind as well as compassionate for others. I spent almost 7 hours yesterday being drilled with positive this and positive that. I have to admit that it was refreshing, but the problem was that when I got home, everything around me was trying to throw negative in my face. I felt like I had hit a brick wall. Honestly, I still kind of do even 24 hours later. Maybe I just don’t understand.

Additionally, God threw into my life yesterday another twist on the rollercoaster. My friend died yesterday morning from his battle with cancer. While we weren’t super close, I will always consider him a friend. We may not have spoken often lately, but I know that I will miss seeing his old pictures of mountain climbing expeditions and other things that he experienced in his very active life. So here I go again, from this positive team-building day filled with activities to a negative brick left in my road to trip over. What makes this even worse at this particular moment is that my family has been struggling to even watch TV shows where people are suffering from cancer since my grandma is currently battling many types. To hear that someone I knew died from the disease is almost paralyzing. I could not get my head wrapped around the reality of that death, that pain, or that worry I was feeling. I guess I just don’t understand.

Then to flip through the news and see all of the negative that happens in this world… it just floors me. I believe probably close to 99% of all news stories are negative ones. And I cannot stand it anymore! People hurting each other, people being hurt by forces of nature, people being hurt because they can’t afford or cannot get healthy for one reason or another. It’s always something bad. Maybe the media needs to take a page from yesterday’s lessons that I went through and try to make everything positive. I’m not sure that’s really possible in our world right now. Even the people who have seemed trustworthy or good in the past often turn around to be a negative part of our lives. Yet, I feel like there has to be some sort of solution to all of this negative. And try as I might, I don’t think it will be possible for me to make myself 100% positive all the time with all of this dark cloud nonsense surrounding me every day.

I read a blog post recently about someone who was in a very positive place in her life. She was able to go on a trip that would change her life for the better. Even then, she mentions in her one post that the devil tried to input his negativity into her trip, into this once-in-a-lifetime experience. It made me feel good to know that I wasn’t the only one experiencing some struggles with the negative things in this world. Yet even more, I wished for just that one day, that one trip, that the writer could have experienced a completely positive environment. I feel like we all deserve that one chance, that one moment, to feel totally at ease in our lives.

Unfortunately, I am being reminded constantly that the idea of total good and happiness is not a reality in anyone’s life. I feel right now that I could attempt to (or even succeed at) being the most positive person on the planet with the most faithful and beautiful ways, but I would still be affected by that thundercloud of doubt, of anger, of negativity.

So it’s true then: I just don’t understand. If anyone has tackled the beast that is positive vs. negative in the world and has found ANY inkling of an answer, please feel free to share it. I know more than one person who would love a clue as to how to begin understanding all of this ‘ick’.


Favorite Scriptures, Quotes, Images…

Favorite Scriptures, Quotes, Images…

Kind of a weird post tonight. First I’m typing on my Kindle so this will be short. Second, I’m not writing anything about my life or journey really. All I’ll say is sometimes I feel like we all need guidance or help with some area of our lives and don’t always get an immediate answer (that’s where I am right now). So I figured I would try to see how many people actually read this jumble that I write. 

If you do, and you have a scripture or book passage or quote that brings you guidance or comfort, I encourage you to share it in a comment here. Not only am I hoping to get some good things for my own personal benefit, but I’m hoping to share them on my blog as well. Maybe if one of them really hits me, it’ll even become a topic in a later post!

FYI, my favorite is the serenity prayer, though it’s not seeming very applicable to my situation at the moment. 

Let me know your favorites, even if they aren’t religious!


One Down… How Many More To Go?

One Down… How Many More To Go?

This news is epic everyone! After so many weeks and months of worry, I can officially say this is possibly the best news that I have had all summer!

What is it you ask? Well, according to some doctors, my grandma’s cancer has decreased in its strength. By that, I mean that the lymphoma appears to be completely gone thanks to the treatments that she has been dealing with all summer.

Funny thing is, this news couldn’t just come by itself, could it? Nope, had to be mixed in there with some not-so-good news about the other types of cancer that are also lurking in her body. Like, come on, can this girl not get a break? And by girl, I don’t mean me!

But congratulations to my grandma for beating a cancer yet again! She’s seriously the strongest and most amazing woman I have ever met (sorry Mom, you come in close second).

In other news, this is also one more summer down, as of 9AM tomorrow morning, I am officially back to work and starting a new school year as a full-time teacher. I’m not sure where this summer has gone, but I can tell you my brain is already craving the next one. (I know, patience.)

I feel like I accomplished a lot this summer, but I also feel like I didn’t have nearly enough time to do all that I wanted to. Here’s a list of some of the top things I did actually get done though, and why I feel like they were so important in this journey that is my life.

  1. I made the switch to reusable straws– After reading all of the horrible things about straws taking forever to biodegrade (if they do at all), I decided I couldn’t see myself using plastic straws anymore. So I started shopping and ended up being gifted some steel straws! I am in the process of making a carrying case for them so that I can take them with me wherever I go. In the meantime, unless I am going through a drive-through and CANNOT drink without a straw, I have been ditching those things at the door! No more straws at restaurants for me. Though I’ve now noticed, I’m a bit more paranoid about whether the cup is entirely clean or not (Ew!)

Shout out here to Greene Turtle for being the first restaurant I know of to ask customers if they would like straws or not! Most places just throw them in front of you and probably trash them once you leave, whether you’ve opened them or not!

  1. I visited the zoo for the first time since I was in first grade– This honestly felt like one of the best days I had all summer, but it wasn’t because I went and did something crazy like go to the zoo. And it wasn’t because half of the zoo was closed for construction. This was the best adventure ever because it reminded me just how much I love photography and taking pictures of nature. Animals are one of my favorite subjects, and I just love the idea of being able to photograph animals that I cannot see in my own backyard! Additionally, this seems like one of the only times ever that my sister and husband went with me on some sort of summer excursion!
  2. I got used to riding my new motorcycle– You might think that riding a motorcycle is like riding a bicycle, but you’d be wrong! Going from the old Virago I learned to ride on to my brand new Vulcan was not necessarily a challenge but made me nervous all the same! The best part: I ended up loving the Vulcan even more than the Virago! All’s well that ends well!
  3. I watched my husband be driven to the hospital in an ambulance… and then decided to let him do it again if he really felt like he had to– Most of my friends know this story already, but my husband is a huge daredevil. He decided to learn to ride the track on a motorcycle and ended up doing laps in the rain. While he wasn’t the only one to slip on the wet pavement, he was the only one to bump his head hard enough to scare the s*** out of me. Thankfully, all’s good now, except that he scares me because he wants to go back and try it again!
  4. I ran at least three times a week, every week unless the humidity was enough to murder my lungs– Now that Zoey is older, there’s just no way to get away from exercise. Take this week for example; if it hasn’t been raining, it’s been so humid that you sweat just by looking out the door (almost true, honest!) But Zoey; she DOES. NOT. CARE. So if I don’t jog with her, I at least have to walk her or throw a tennis ball for what feels like hours on end. Otherwise, she’ll throw a princess fit and bark at me until I exercise her. Talk about some motivation to stay in shape…
  5. I read a lot more books than normal, a lot faster than I have in years– No joke, I have not read a book in a single day since the Harry Potter series came out. Not until the end of this summer anyway. I got back into reading Amish novels and forgot how much I love them! For anyone who hasn’t tried, I suggest looking into it. They have an interesting cultural background, but their connection to God is so amazingly strong as well. (This sort of kills two birds with one stone for me- good knowledge of religion can be found in most of these novels, but I also hate to read nonfiction, so I figure this works out best!)
  6. I visited family even when it wasn’t necessary– For the longest time this summer, I’ve been seeing my grandma at least once per week. I haven’t done that in a long time. I haven’t felt comfortable enough to do that in a long time. Now that it seems more important than ever, I’m realizing that it should never be less of a priority than I have made it recently. Hopefully I can be a good family member and keep up with it even when the school year gets the best of me!
  7. I spent days with my best summer friend (aka Mom) exploring all kinds of things– We honestly walked around a local town last week where we basically went to two stores. We “shopped” for about 2 hours and only went to two stores! But we walked that town anyway… it wasn’t our fault that all of the main street stores were closed down or that most of the buildings themselves were vacant. (It was quite sad though.)
  8. I found the best cafe/bakery ever!– I will never lose weight if I keep going there, but it has become my favorite breakfast place, probably because the breakfast is so bad for you but so darn good!
  9. I learned how to wash a washer and clean out the drum of a dryer– This is going to sound so dumb of a 26-year-old, but I never realized just how dirty the inside of a washer could get. Thanks to my mom for showing me how to actually clean one!
  10. I returned again to my blog– Thank God! I always lose sight of my passion to write, but every summer I seem to find it again.
  11. I started a Christmas list in July– I’m super excited for some of the things that I want, but even better, I already know some of the things I plan to give!
  12. I had people over for dinner at the house for the first time… even if those people were my parents and sister– The biggest part of this is that I enjoyed it and they said they did too! Doesn’t matter how clean your house is or how big it is! It was fun.


Hope you all enjoyed your summer as much as I did. Back to work for me tomorrow, but praying you guys have some freedom left before that day comes!