Who am I?

Well, I could spend the rest of my life updating this section and trying to give everyone who reads my blog the most detailed account of myself. Yet that’s not the reason I am here, writing this blog in the first place. I’m not here to talk about me or my personal life so much as the thoughts that are running through my head.

As a child, I kept a diary because there were just too many thoughts running around up in my brain. But diaries take space, and time. I’m an old soul (only in the sense that I would rather write than type, would rather read a real book than a Kindle, etc.) but I just don’t have the time to do everything the way it used to be. So I have settled- no more diary, both for lack of space, and for lack of time to put into the writing. Instead I am starting this blog.

I’m actually only in my twenties, and live in a very rural area, where we take pride in our farms, grow crops in our own gardens, and trust in God to lead us down the right path. My life is very family-oriented and I’d do anything for a true friend. The only problem I ever have is figuring out which friends are “true”.

My life is riddled with snags and bumps, some of which I will write about in posts later I am sure. But for now, you just need to know that I will be posting a ton of different items, so be sure to check back. I know the title of my blog will deter some people, but I’m not here to preach and I’m not here to discuss religion in every post. Yet I need somewhere to go when I am struggling with my beliefs or needing to rely on them and cannot express those feelings to my friends (some of whom are atheists, etc.). I hate that talking about my beliefs can ruin a friendship, and never take that chance anymore. (I’ve learned that lesson quite a few too many times for my liking.)

Anyway, enough about me. Go! Start reading! Please?



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  1. Hey, I don’t know if you remember me or not but you once saw my blog and I happened to stop by and wondered how you were doing. How’s your blog been going? From the looks of it it seems like you’ve made quite a bit of progress.
    I’ve actually moved my blog over to a self-hosted wordpress site (VinnieHarned.com) and am now focusing on writing for online content creators like bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers. Also I’ve been running my YouTube channel Homeschooled Nerd for quite awhile as well. But that’s enough about me.

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