Another Mini Teacher Story


Today was my first day at one of the smaller schools in my area since 2013. First, let me say that a lot of things have changed! I recognized the faces of some of the kids and faculty, but mostly it was all new, from the principal to the teacher next door to my temporary classroom.

I was originally called in to cover History and was pretty nervous to cover a class that I never particularly cared for that much myself as a student. Luckily, the entire day was great! I had 0, count that ZERO, behavioral problems except for about 4 distracted fifth grade boys. No one argued with me or tried to pull the “substitute teacher tricks” that many students do. For what it’s worth, the day went flawlessly!

But there were a few other things that peaked my interest that make me sit down to write this post right now. I’m just going to bullet list them with some small details for times’ sake. (Let’s face it, I really do enjoy writing, but I am craving some video games, good food, and time with T right now.)

  1. I showed up around 7:15 to be let into the building as instructed, but had to be let into the place by the janitor because no one else was there that early! Class started about 10 or 15 minutes after the office opened. Guess they weren’t expecting me to come in!
  2. I spent the day teaching history in an organized and large classroom. I thought it was great, but soon realized it was extremely hot in there! And let’s not even get started about the fact that my view out the four or five windows along the far wall was of nothing more than a cemetery and the back of some town buildings!
  3. One of the 5th graders saw my name written on the board and immediately asked me if I was related to some WWE person. Unfortunately, I thought they had said some “lady” (not WWE), and the name was very similar to my sister’s. I had the entire class in awe for about an hour before someone asked me if it was really true and I understood that I hadn’t heard the question correctly the first time!
  4. My (possibly) most favorite part of the day was the kindness and attention that I was given by the rest of the faculty. Sure, I was teaching in the classroom alone with the kids most of the day, but there were some very kind faculty around during recess, carpool duty, etc. One of my favorite kindnesses was to find out that the faculty eat lunch for free each day! I was sad to watch as everyone else ate today’s lunch while I ate my crappy frozen meal. But the good news is, the lunch ladies made sure I was aware of the free lunch and offered it to me for tomorrow’s yummy meal.

In the end, I had a pretty good day. I wish more schools would take care of their teachers (and especially their subs) the way this one does! Maybe I was just having a lucky day, but I can say that I am more than happy to come back and try it again tomorrow!



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