A Letter to Someone Who Drinks


There are a ton of people who drink alcohol in this world. Many of them drink socially, some out of habit, and even more when they need to relax. Apparently alcohol has this strange calming affect on a person’s body, though I wouldn’t know anything about that. I myself have never had a drink; I’ve barely even taken a sip of wine or champagne in my lifetime. I mean, unless Communion at Church counts, I’ve never had my own bottle, cup, or any amount of alcohol. 

A few years ago, even when I was underage, the people who I talked to and hung out with thought that I was some kind of strange alien because I don’t drink. I never wanted to, never saw a reason to. And yet I had two very drastic reasons why not to: my alcoholic grandfathers. I hate the pressure, hated feeling like I was the third wheel. I don’t think that feeling ever went away, not even by the beginning of this year.

So what am I doing now? I’m getting ready to write a letter to my boyfriend. Yes, the letter will be public on my blog; it’s not as impressive as you think it’s going to be. But the whole point is that the topic is alcohol. You see, when my boyfriend shows up at my house tonight to celebrate a family birthday, I’m going to give him a 4-pack of his favorite alcohol. (Yes, this does sound odd, random, etc. but bare with me. I have a point.) To go along with the little surprise, I want him to read the following “letter” so that he knows why I got him the gift. Especially since he doesn’t like surprises or presents too much, even on special occasions. 

Hey Love, 

You probably think this whole thing is crazy, that I just thought up this completely nonsense idea from out of nowhere and went with it. Well, maybe you’re right. But here’s the thing. There are a few things that used to bug me, and I want you to know that you helped me get over those things. If you’re reading this now, I’ve already given you the Guinness that I bought for you earlier today. I want you to understand that I didn’t give it to you because I condone you getting completely drunk or wish that you would drink more alcohol or anything crazy…

I gave you that surprise for a few reasons. I need you to know what those reasons are so that you understand that I didn’t just give you a pack of beer for no apparent reason. The gift that I gave you is for a certain reason, and I hope it means more to you than it probably will when I first hand it over to you tonight.

First, I know that you wanted to go out for seafood and beer this weekend while we were on the shore. I’m sorry we were all exhausted and that you didn’t get the meal that you wanted. I love you so much for appreciating everyone else around you and for understanding that I wasn’t backing out of that idea because of the drinking or the type of food or anything like that. I was just purely exhausted. So, to make it up to you, I gave you this gift.

Second, I want you to know that alcohol used to be high on the list of words that I never wanted to hear or discuss. You know why… I’ve talked to you about my past. But you’ve changed the way that I look at it. Don’t get my wrong; I’m not going to go out and drink a ton now (or even at all for that matter), but I don’t think that it’s some kind of awful sin or anything like I used to.

Along with the above, you have changed my perspective so that I am comfortable around people when they drink. Okay, maybe not everyone, but at least you. I appreciate that you don’t pressure me to drink, that you don’t make a big deal out of ordering alcohol when you’re around me, and that you drink sensibly. It’s nice to know that I’ll never have to pick you up off the ground, mop the puke off your lip, and throw your unconscious body into bed. That would be a huge problem for me, something I’m not sure I could handle. I’m so glad that you don’t drink like that… I cannot even tell you. 

Finally, but most insane of all, I randomly saw that the grocery store had started to carry alcohol and decided that I wanted to buy some. Don’t ask why; I may be partially or totally insane. But I walked up, found that Guinness and just decided that I was going to buy some. For no other reason than to say I had. It just seemed fitting at the time to buy it in order to give you a surprise that you would enjoy and appreciate. 

I guess I am now officially insane, especially after I reread that last paragraph. But it’s okay. I hope you still love me even more for it!!!




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