Career Confusion


It’s after 9PM and my boyfriend and I are both still working. Well, I guess I’m technically not working, but I haven’t stopped thinking about work since about 8AM this morning. He’s had an even longer day, and I wish I could do something more than Skype him to make up for it!

Not sure what to say about his work day, so I’ll just share details of mine…

Today was a weird day. I forgot my laptop at home for one thing, which is basically a teacher’s sin. Or something like that.. maybe committing teacher suicide? In any case, one of my family members was nice enough to drive it to work for me so that I could actually accomplish something with the remaining 8 hours of my work life for the day.

I actually got quite a few things done, but I chose to work in a coworker’s room so that I could talk to them and we could listen to the radio together. With that being said, our conversations were pretty short and terse. We were both so distracted by other things that were going on that we just weren’t focused enough on each other’s presence to pay attention to a conversation of any substance. 

At one point my coworker had started to say something that I took in a sarcastic way. No big deal, but apparently my laugh bothered her. I mean, I cannot be certain that she wasn’t teasing me right back, but she made a weird comment that has me questioning myself and my status at work now. I don’t understand how her new task of assigning classrooms to teachers should have anything to do with my status or attitude towards her. She mentioned something about me “needing to be nice” to her or I would never get a classroom. First of all, I thought she was joking. Secondly, I am now stuck wondering if people actually think I would be one of those people. 

You know the people right? The ones who would rather see you dead while they inherit your money than to see you healthy and happy without their own monetary gain. Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme, but I’m not exaggerating by much. Why would I ever treat someone differently just to get what I want.

Okay, at home I tell someone that I will do one chore for them if they do one task for me. That’s a little different though; I still do random acts of kindness at home on occasion. And even if my family understands that we are just swapping jobs and helping each other out, I wish I knew that people at work did not see me in this kind of light. I would never put others above or below anyone else just for my own gain. 

I know, I know… most people in this day and age would slit throats to get ahead in their careers, to make more money or to have more vacation days. As much as I would love to have a classroom for easy access to my supplies, a place to make my own comfort zone, and a quiet place to work during the day… I’m not going to suck up to someone to get it.

I feel it is wrong for me to be this upset about something that was said, but to clarify, she said it at least two times to me throughout the day. I still cannot tell whether she was joking and am unsure that I will ever be able to tell. So, for whatever reason, I’m praying right now that things don’t become awkward between the two of us. I know not to trust people outside of my family very much at all, but I thought that she was someone I could at least rely on a little bit. Was I wrong again? 


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