31 Things I Admire About You

31 Things I Admire About You

I’m pretty sure everyone has probably seen my most recently-added quote already. If not, go check it out! But if you have, I just have to say that someone actually said this about ME! Who knew such kind words were even possible while being equally as accurate and embarrassing to me. Looks like I am still learning how to get comfortable in my own skin.

For this post, I realized that there are millions of things that I admire about people who are or have been in my life. And so, to go along with that most recent quote, I have decided to make a list of 100 things I admire about people (or a single person… I haven’t decided yet). One way or the other, here goes nothing!

  1. I admire your eyes… I like the color of your eyes.
  2. I admire your smile- it’s super goofy and yet completely adorable. I admire the fact that it can make anyone’s day brighter just at the sight of it.
  3. I admire your heart. You have such a big heart. So big I doubt that I even realize the full extent of it yet. I admire the way it touches people’s lives in the simplest and yet most meaningful ways.
  4. I admire your comic relief. Somehow, someway, no matter what is going on, you know how to make people laugh and feel relaxed. 
  5. I admire your independence. You easily take care of yourself as well as the others around you. How you do it is beyond me, but it doesn’t go unnoticed.
  6. I admire your maturity; I can’t stand most people your age. And before you ask, maybe I do make a stereotype out of that group, but you break the mold for sure.
  7. I admire your individuality. From being able to use both hands for different tasks (never heard of this before!) to not fitting into that mold I discussed earlier, you set yourself apart from others in positive, noticeable ways.
  8. I admire the way you know who I am without even asking. You can tell when I’m happy, mad, sad, or any other emotion on the roller coaster that s my life.
  9. I admire the way you care about someone without even realizing that you do it. You don’t realize how loving and kind you are, but the rest of us can see it. 
  10. I admire the fact that you are a gentleman. From asking if a lady is okay to making sure a space is clean for her, you take care of her and show her that she’s something special even if she’s not.
  11. I like how random you are. You come up with the craziest, most insane conversation topics sometimes, but I love answering your silly questions and knowing that you are wondering about my opinion on all sorts of topics.
  12. I admire the fact that you are smart but you are not audible or boastful about it. I like the way that you can answer a question at random but don’t always need to know the correct answer to everything in order to be happy.
  13. I admire the way you care for  others who are important to me. Without even knowing them or having met them, you ask about them and make sure they are all okay. 
  14. I admire the way you dress. Silly as that sounds, you always look nice. It’s nice to know that you put some effort into your hygiene and looking nice just to see me or for no apparent reason at all.
  15. I admire the way want to know everything about me, from the simplest to the most complicated. It makes me feel important and makes me wish I cared about everyone as much as you care for me.
  16. I admire the way you make me feel safe even when there’s nothing around that I need protecting from. I like how natural it feels for me to be relaxed and comfortable around you. With my anxiety, that’s rare for sure.
  17. I admire your goals in life. You might not have everything figured out for your future, but you know what your short term goals are and how those achievements will help you in the future.
  18. I admire that you haven’t needed someone in your life to be happy. While it may seem like you missed out, I promise you didn’t. You learned way more about yourself than most older people ever end up knowing.
  19. I admire your patience and how you are willing to deal with just about anything until you get annoyed. 
  20. I admire you. The way you look, the way you speak, the way you act, and the way you treat me. From your head to your toes. You make people happy, you set a great example for others, and you (whether for good or bad) remind me so much of myself. I suddenly feel like I’m not so alone.
  21. I admire how appreciative you are of the things that I can do. You don’t focus on my limitations or how you miss out on things because I cannot give them to you. Instead you focus on what I can give and how that makes you feel better. 
  22. I admire your honesty. Even if people don’t always want to hear what you have to say, you give them the truth so that they completely understand your opinion and the facts.
  23. I admire your quiet side. It’s rare that I talk more than anyone else, and being able to talk more than you gives me a new perspective on how a relationship with someone can be. Normally I’m the shy, withdrawn one. Not with you.
  24. I admire your goofy faces, because every goofy face has a new memory hiding behind it.
  25. I admire your nose. Yes, your nose. Not because it is currently creeping me out, but because it is unique in its own way and is part of you. I might be crazy, but I admire this unique part of you. 
  26. I admire the way that you check to make sure we are on the same page about everything. Before we go to a movie or out to dinner, you make sure that we both agree on where we are going, what we are seeing, etc. (This also applies to the more important things that we discuss which don’t need to be placed on my blog for the world to see.) 
  27. I admire your willingness to know my family. Anyone who meets them should expect to become insane, but you welcome it with open arms because they mean a lot to me.
  28. I admire the way that you don’t get embarrassed easily. I guess this goes along with being open and honest as I discussed before, but this one is different too. You can tell me anything or say anything and you won’t be ashamed of any flaw or error that you have or have ever made.
  29. I admire the way you worry without letting me realize it often. Every now and then I will realize that you are worried about me, but more often than not, you worry about me quietly until you realize I need you. Then you step in and help.
  30. I admire the fact that you can give amazing advice. You understand things about my emotions that I don’t even understand and you use this knowledge to help me make hard decisions.
  31. I admire that you have pet peeves that I exhibit all the time but you still accept me and overlook the frustration they make you feel just so I don’t feel so bad about breaking them in the first place. 



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