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20 Must Have Teacher Supplies


I have been having a hard time finding time to write lately, but an even harder time coming up with some good ideas. So I’ve decided to revert back to what all desperate bloggers/writers do: borrow ideas from others who make lists and lists of ideas for us to use! 

Let’s just say, some lovely blog site (this one) gave me the idea to make a 20 Must Have’s list. Of what? Well, the things that I know most about: Being a teacher, being a student, being a pet owner, and being a traveler (via car of course)! Here goes the first one… Let me know what you think below!

The Must Have Items That Every Teacher Should Carry With Them

  1. Post-it notes— This is truly number one because I am a post-it note and list fanatic.
  2. A computer, tablet, notebook, etc. It doesn’t matter, so long as you can check your email (and communicate with parents without actually having to COMMUNICATE with them.. if you know what I mean).
  3. An email program or website subscription that allows you to share documents, announcements, and calendars with students, parents, and coworkers. (We have Google Mail at work and its calendar and OneDrive functions have saved me on more than one occasion!)
  4. An agenda- yes, I know, this is contradictory to #3, but if my computer crashes and I don’t have lists and notes written down for class, I’m basically screwed. Safeguard against faulty technology!
  5. Colorful pens- Do you know it has been proven that grading everything in red gives students an automatic feeling of angst when they get back graded work? I will sometimes use red, but I also utilize green, blue, purple, and pink! Mix it up; plus they’ll think you’re the cool teacher. 
  6. Mechanical Pencils w/ extra lead— We all know that it is important to write with pencils every now and then, especially if you teach Math, English, or basically any other subject. Save yourself some time though; don’t waste time sharpening pencils every day after school. 
  7. Dry erase markers- Unless you have no access to whiteboards, these are a must! You would not believe how often they dry out or are used by students/faculty that ruin the tips and waste the markers. Never run out of whichever writing utensil you use!
  8. Whatever source of caffeine you decide to use to keep yourself moving— we all know it happens in most full-time jobs, but teachers are especially needing of the caffeine!
  9. Comfortable shoes- you might think we sit around all day, but we most certainly need comfortable soles and the less heel the better!
  10. Binders- Keep all of your tests, quizzes, and worksheets in the same place! And keep them in paper form in case your computer ever crashes or you have issues with your technology. (I keep a blank copy in case I need to make additional student copies and the answer keys as well.)
  11. A list of online resources- Every now and then you need to mix it up. Don’t spend all of your time showing slideshows, movies, or notes written on the board. Students will become bored during your class if you use the same methods of teaching over and over again. Plus, you need to be sure to meet the needs of students with all learning styles.
  12. Binder clips— this should really be higher on my list, but it’s coming in at #12 because as much as I love using binder clips to keep myself organized, I just now thought of them!
  13. Hand sanitizer- For the kiddos even more than for yourself! I’ve even seen teachers use them as bathroom passes. *Hint hint*
  14. Plan B- Just in case a lesson plan doesn’t take as long as planned or an activity doesn’t go over as well as you thought, always be prepared to improvise or have that second plan of action on hand.
  15. Extra paper (maybe graph paper)— Am I just now listing this one too? You would not believe how often students need that extra piece of scratch. Besides, how are you supposed to keep lists if you run out of sticky notes (never run out, but just in case…)
  16. A three-hole punch all for you— If you try to share with the rest of your faculty members, it will either go missing or be completely unavailable to you at the most inconvenient moments. It’s also good to keep one for the kids if they are required to keep a binder of worksheets.
  17. Snacks- do you know that kids these days eat at the most inconvenient times? You better keep some snacks on you just in case your lunch is at 10:30AM or way too late! (Yes, mine is really that early…)
  18. A stamp set or packet of stickers- Kids love these things and it only takes a few minutes to add one to the big exam they just got done taking.
  19. Keys— Sometimes people just lock you out without even realizing it. Don’t be the one who cannot access their binders, textbooks, or other supplies when they are needed the most.
  20. A binder just for organizing things- a student portfolio, a schedule binder, etc. Anything that you feel is important and needs to be kept handy at a moment’s notice should go in a conveniently labeled binder. 

Does anyone know of anything else that teachers absolutely need? To be honest, I’m getting tired and barely came up with 20 ideas. (That is really, really sad…)

More lists to come soon…