Soul Revealing Questions: Chapter 9


I can already tell you, without even reading through this set of questions, that I am going to be disappointed. A few weeks ago, I would have loved to just be done answering the questions from this book. Now that I’m on the last chapter, I was hoping for quite a few questions so that it took me some time. Unfortunately, there are only three short sections… 


  • Are your family and friends supportive of your goals? Do they encourage you? Do they put down your efforts?

My family is extremely supportive of my goals, though they have not always been. They don’t encourage me when they see something that will lead me to hurt. At the same time, sometimes their lack of encouragement is the very thing that leads to that disappointment and hurt. 

As for my friends? Most of them are family. The others, what very few that I have, are very encouraging whenever they are around. At the same time, many of them turn out to not be true friends, so how can I say that they are supporting? Half the time they end up causing me the most trouble…

  • Who are some of the people you know who have obtained similar goals? How did they do it?

My coworkers. My ex. He relied a lot on me for support and help. I’m not entirely sure how my coworkers did it, though I know most of them do not have teaching certificates so their path to success may have been a tad easier than mine. *yay for politics*

  • How do you handle setbacks? Do you assess the reasons behind the setback and address those issues?

Isn’t that part of the reason I started this blog? If I write about my setbacks, I can more easily analyze them and determine the best plan of action. Though I must admit, when they first hit me, I’m pretty much a mess. Normally emotions range from 1) really angry to 2) really sad. Then I get my act together and start processing. 

So that’s it… That’s the last Souls Revealed post! Maybe I will have to find another self-help type book soon. In the meantime, I’m going to read a nice piece of nonsense fiction because I have not picked up a novel in quite some time! 


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