Soul Revealing Questions: Chapter 7


Apparently I’m meant to be on a writing roll today. This is my third (?) post, and I have not tired of t yet! It’s keeping my mind off of things, namely science, work, and death. Lovely…



  • What don’t you like about yourself and your life?

At this point in my life, I’m pretty content. I don’t like things that have happened, but I’m mature enough to realize that I can do nothing about those situations now. The only thing I can do is control how I react to them or let them affect me now. 

  • What would you like to change?

Sadness in this world. It’s too sad and people are too mean. But I know I have no control over this…

  • What do you believe are your greatest strengths?

I am a great listener, and sometimes an even better teacher. I feel like I’m also good at being a friend, but I know that sometimes others will disagree with me about that idea. 

  • Are you open to a life change at this time? How hard would a change be for you right now?

I am sort of open to a life change at this time, but I just recently went through some huge life changes. I think another huge change would be hard right now because I am still settling into the idea of these other new changes. It would be great if I could accustom myself to one thing before another popped up. 

  • If you are considering a life change, how soon would you want to start working on that change?

I most definitely will not be the one to instigate the new life change. At least not yet!

  • What are the top two life goals that you would like to pursue?

I want to teach (yay, I’ve made a lot of progress with this lately!). I also want to find love (I have found this in my family, but not so much in others who I have not grown up around).

  • What could be your potential roadblocks?

Other people. For sure.

My own fears are probably the biggest issues. 

  • What are the biggest concerns to you that could threaten your plan?

I love challenges, but mental ones. I hate physical challenge or emotional challenge. These things can rip me to pieces in an instant. So my biggest concern? Not so much with teaching, but with the other goal… my biggest concern is being hurt. Hurt so badly that there is no way for me to heal. 

  • Who do you know who can inspire you?

My parents and others I know who have found the type of love that I would like to one day have. They’ve already taught me a lot about relationships. 

  • What will be the financial cost of attaining your goals?

No financial cost. If anything, I will earn more money by teaching. 

  • Will you need to seek help? What would the best possible way of getting help be?

Yes, I always will need help. There is no great goal in life that can be achieved alone. I think I’ve already made this clear, but I will look at relationships around me, talk to my parents and family for advice… as for teaching, I will continue to expand my knowledge base and watch my coworkers in their teaching environments. I have a lot of growing to do in that area, but the major part of the goal is accomplished!


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  1. Thanks for your transparency and willingness to share the private you. What an awesome opportunity you have as a teacher to reach young minds by your example and the wisdom you have learned. You are in my prayers!

    • Thanks Cliff! I find it easier to share myself through my writing rather than in person. If you ever met me in some context, you’d never realize you were talking to this same girl. I appreciate that you read all of my posts though and are appreciative of who I am. Prayers for you as well!

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