Curriki for the Holidays: No Shopping Required



I’ve found this website. It seems absolutely amazing! I’m actually sad that I do not have more time in my day to devote to searching for amazing teacher resources. Particularly, I would love to have more time to explore the ones that I already know about. But regardless, every now and then I come across a good one. 

So here it is: Curriki. As a member, you are able to see hundreds of lesson plans, quizzes, and activities for classes of all different subjects. In addition, the membership is entirely free and allows you to save each of the files that you come across for easy reference later! This is the website that I have been unable to completely search to my heart’s content. But I did have a few minutes tonight to view it and came across this great portion of the website that is a blog. (Since we are all hanging out on WordPress, we must all realize that I love blogs.) 

One of the first posts that I ran across is written by Janet Pinto. It’s called 10 Things to do other than Shop on Black FridayI was intrigued by this post not only because it didn’t seem very educational at the beginning, but also because it brought into focus the upcoming holiday season. I, as a teacher, have been ignoring the fact that Christmas and Thanksgiving are quickly approaching. (I haven’t even started shopping!!) So I have decided that, since Thanksgiving Break starts tomorrow, I am going to dive right into the holiday season in the same way that Janet did. If she is reading this, I hope that she does not mind my spin on her post. While her 10 things were mostly education-related, mine may not be. Let’s see how many I can come up with…

The Things I Would Rather Do Than Shop on Black Friday!

  1. Sleep in
  2. Eat leftovers
  3. Watch movies in my pjs
  4. Bake (not sure what, but it sounds fun!)
  5. Read an entire novel (or most of one!)
  6. Catch up on grading
  7. Finish planning class lessons through Winter Break so that I can relax at work in December.
  8. Study for my Praxis exam (Okay, I don’t want to do this, but if we are being realistic, it’s going to happen…)
  9. Talk to friends (via phone, text, or the Internet- no driving necessary!)
  10. Play with the pup in the snow (hopefully we will have some this year)
  11. Make a craft
  12. Clean my room (I don’t even like cleaning my room!)
  13. Take a cat nap
  14. Enjoy the sunshine (even if it’s cold)
  15. Catch up on TV shows that I’ve missed
  16. Play games on the computer
  17. Workout (at home of course)
  18. Do a kind favor for each member of my household (again, without leaving the house)
  19. Learn at least one new thing
  20. Write Christmas cards
  21. Plan Christmas shopping (don’t actually DO any shopping, not even on Amazon)
  22. Make plans for the weekend
  23. Sew
  24. Write a letter
  25. Post to my blog
  26. Feel fat (this is just a given…)
  27. Make a list of educational resources (ha! Maybe I will actually have time…)
  28. Take photos with my family
  29. Enjoy spending time with the family without the use of technology (even the TV)
  30. Discuss Thanksgiving with those who did not spend it by my side

Okay, I think I’ll stop there. It’s pretty crazy that I came up with 30 things, half of which I won’t even have time to complete. But it makes me feel good to know I’ve got a focus over the next few days off. Thanksgiving Break, here I come! I’m a (wo)man with a mission now.

Enjoy your holidays everyone, and let me know which of my 30 things you’ve tried this Black Friday!



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