“Almosts” Aren’t Enough



Let me just say that, of course, I had no time yesterday to write the post that I was planning on creating. Of course not. Life always seems to get in the way of the way that I feel life should be, and I’m just going with the waves as they crash into me… Sometimes I’m lucky to float on the top.

Since it is Friday, I actually have about 48 hours to get some things done. In between exercising with the pup and cleaning the house, I’ll be doing homework and trying to get some relaxing done. Since I like to eat my dessert first, I decided I would write a post tonight and focus on the “less important” stuff tomorrow.

The book that I mentioned in my last post is getting sort of interesting, and I figured it was time to go back and finish reading the first chapter. Here goes the first activity:

Think of one of the most significant areas of your life that you would like to see change. You must be honest about your feelings and where you are at this stage of your life. Allow yourself to complete a list of “at least” statements that come to mind about your current situation and jot them down as a sentence. Write a statement about any area of your life.

  • Job-
    • At least I enjoy myself most of the time.
    • At least most of my kids like me.
    • At least no one can see my stress or anxiety there.
    • At least I don’t always feel like the odd-man-out.
    • At least I try my best at everything and admit to my failures.
    • At least I don’t have to drive an hour to work each day.
    • At least I don’t work on the road or have to travel often.
    • At least it’s better than my last job.
    • At least I get paid more than I used to.
  • Health-
    • At least I’m not as overweight as I could be. 
    • At least I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs.
    • At least I don’t smoke.
    • At least I get 8 hours of rest each day.
    • At least I know what I cannot do (physically).
    • At least pain is temporary.
    • At least it’s genetic.
  • Finances-
    • At least I know how to watch my spending.
    • At least I (could) have more money than others.
    • At least I can pay my major bills.
  • Love Life-
    • At least I don’t get hurt.
    • At least there’s no opportunity for someone else to hurt me.
  • Family Roles-
    • At least the house stays clean and things get done.
    • At least [someone] knows that I am grateful [for what they have done for me].
    • At least they know I love them [regardless of how much time I have to spend with them].
    • At least I’m not entirely alone.
  • Habits-
    • At least my habits are not as bad as other’s.
    • At least I don’t do anything illegal.
    • At least I’m accomplishing something.
    • At least (after I’m done with school) I will (hopefully) have time to spend on my hobbies.
    • At least people can tell when I’m upset [since I don’t say it out loud].

So, there’s my list. I’m not sure what this means. The book says to go back and re-read the statements (which I have done about 3 times now). Then it says to see if I notice any patterns. Uh… sort of? But I’m not sure how to say them in words!

Then the book tells me to keep reading… what lovely advice that is! I was hoping to read the first chapter and then stop. (haha that was a joke!)

Until I have more to say…



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