Monday’s Message: Murality Intrigues Me


Message Monday

I don’t have much to talk about today, my mind is drawing a blank. So I decided to do some searching on the net for something interesting to discuss. This post will surely be short, but keep reading because I feel like this topic is interesting and important. 

Canada has this organization called Murality (which has a website for more information). Basically it’s about bettering the world around us, especially through color and different forms of art. People take their different art ideas and create these beautiful murals somewhere in Canada. Murality’s site shares pictures of the murals that are being designed or have been completed, and promotes the great idea of just leaving something better than you found it. 

I’m sure there are many organizations out there that promote similar ideas and beliefs as Murality, but this one particularly intrigued me because of the first mural that was built. Jump For Joy is actually an international project where people all over the world take photographs of someone suspended in the air during a jump. The people are all smiling faces and happiness, but what intrigues me even more is the beautiful scenery behind them. The nature and surroundings add more to the picture than just a happy person jumping for some fun. The whole project really is amazing. 

Anyway, Jump for Joy teamed up with Murality to create the first 9000 square foot mural of the photos that have been collected from the Toronto area. The entire thing seems a bit overwhelming from the photos that are shown, but it looks absolutely amazing if you inspect it one step at a time. Just absolutely… amazing. 

Every one of you who are reading this right now should check out the links and learn more about Murality. Then, if you would leave comments below about what you think, that would be great. I’d also love to hear of other organizations, people, and groups who are doing something genuinely good without expecting anything in return. If it’s enough to put a smile on even one person’s face, then it’s worth the story. 🙂


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