Friday Mash-Up: Consideration



I’ve shared this photo before, but I think it appropriate to share with this post again. Seems to me that people in this world lose sight of others’ feelings a lot. I’m sure it just doesn’t happen to me. So if many of us get their feelings hurt through the lack of consideration on the part of others, how come so many of us turn around and be inconsiderate right back? 

I, as well as many others, know that people do not exist to ruin others’ lives or hurt one another. I also know that it stinks to be on the receiving end of the inconsiderate attitude of others. So why is there no improvement in this? In fact, it seems as though people are less and less considerate. 

I have heard a statement before- something to the affect of people always want complete honesty even if it hurts their feelings. But then there are people like me, who take negative comments and criticism badly in most cases. Other people like me probably feel the same way; I’d rather you talk about me behind my back rather than saying bad things to my face. This might sound insane, but I have a good reason why.

I dwell on everything. It’s sad really, but it’s part of who I am. The thing is, my brain doesn’t understand why people would want to be so mean and judgmental towards others in the first place. So why say it out loud? If you do have a bad, negative thought, why voice that opinion or thought? Constructive criticism in professional situations can be helpful, but random mean comments do nothing but hurt others.

Why am I writing all of this anyway? Because today, it seemed as though someone was being especially judgmental of me. It seems silly, even as I’m sitting here thinking about it, but it hurt my feelings at the time. I am still not looking forward to talking to that person again any time soon. I will, because I’d rather pretend to be okay than to voice my thoughts, but I will still be upset for a few days after these events.

The thing is, what was said towards me was useless. It did no good to anyone, did not change anything, and offered me no criticism or ways in which I can improve in the areas where there were complaints. So what’s the point of stating those opinions? Especially when all of this was said by someone that I love, someone who was treating everyone else completely normally. *sigh*

I think that the best thing I can do right now is to go back to writing other posts or doing something else to distract myself. However, I felt the need to write this post to emphasize to others that you truly must think about your actions before you make any type of move. I know, many of you may think this thinking process is paranoid and useless, but you just might save someone a night of grief and anguish. You will never know how it feels to live in someone else’s shoes, to feel how someone else feels, so try to prevent negativity and inconsiderate ways in any way that you can.

For all those of us who you may save from a night of feeling like crap, thank you in advance.


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