52 Lists: Loving Others



The Ways I Can Love Others

  1. Lots of hugs
  2. Maybe some kisses
  3. By giving good advice to others
  4. By lending an ear for any situation in which someone just needs a person to listen and truly hear them
  5. By helping my students in any way that I can to make their lives better
  6. Through random acts of kindness, even if they are for strangers
  7. Love notes- just leaving them in random places is the best!
  8. By doing things for others when they ask, without complaint, and happily
  9. Through smiles
  10. By being completely open and honest, with consideration for others, but without little white lies
  11. By trying not to over-analyze everything when with those I love- to be able to completely relax around someone will make them feel special
  12. Through donations, volunteering, and aiding others in projects, activities, and organizations
  13. By lending money (when needed) for someone who has needs that are not met
  14. Respond to every email, text, and phone call that is from someone who takes the time to read my blog, write to me, or contact me for anything—- I should even be kinder to telemarketers, though sometimes it’s hard
  15. By writing thank you letters to everyone who gives me a gift
  16. By paying attention to people’s birthdays and making those days special, even if it’s in a very small way
  17. Along with #10 and #11, to be more trusting of others
  18. To say I love you whenever I mean it, even to friends
  19. To pray daily, for the goodness of everyone, even strangers, and to ask God for help in aiding those who need help
  20. By staying true to myself, wearing my heart on my sleeve, and telling people just how truly good they are to me

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