52 Lists: Feeling Healthy



Things That Make Me Feel Healthy: Mind, Body, & Soul

  1. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep
  2. Wearing my heart on my sleeve; expressing my emotions instead of holding them in
  3. A good, though hopefully rare, cry
  4. Smiling
  5. Laughing
  6. Praying
  7. Eating three meals a day, even if they aren’t the healthiest ones
  8. Breaking a sweat, regardless of what I’m doing. Sometimes working out just feels good.
  9. Talking to people I love, especially those I haven’t heard from in a while
  10. Reading a good book for relaxation
  11. Hugs
  12. Completing random acts of kindness
  13. Being successful at something, for my work, or school
  14. Taking an afternoon nap, and not because I’m sick
  15. Lying in the sun, but not tanning
  16. Looking at nature from a good view, and feeling at peace with the world
  17. Writing what I’m feeling, normally for my eyes only so I don’t have to worry about opinions and other people’s nonsense
  18. Making jokes so that other people laugh
  19. Being nice to everyone no matter what
  20. Getting excited about something without getting anxious

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