52 Lists: Things to Be Proud Of



The Things I Should be Proud of

  1. I have a big heart
  2. I am smart
  3. I have graduated from college
  4. I am financially dependent on myself
  5. I love completing random acts of kindness
  6. I am mature
  7. I am pretty
  8. I can teach just about anything to someone who wants to learn (even if I don’t understand it, I can learn it and then teach it)
  9. I am more in-tune with my emotions than most other people in the world
  10. I have great sympathy and empathy for others
  11. I have persevered through numerous difficulties
  12. I know how to surround myself with people who love me
  13. I have material possessions (a car, computer, etc.) that work, look amazing, and help me get done what needs to be done.
  14. I have changed other people’s lives (no, I’m not bragging– I have been told…)
  15. My large possession of books (I want to start a personal library)
  16. My organizational skills
  17. My strength (which I never see but everyone else does)
  18. My respect for others: people, animals, and objects
  19. My ability to love unconditionally
  20. Myself

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