52 Lists: The Greatest of Comforts



My Greatest Comforts

  1. My home
  2. My loved ones
  3. Photos (especially of loved ones and nature)
  4. Pillows
  5. Blankets
  6. Listening to music
  7. Writing
  8. Books
  9. Learning
  10. Taking hikes on beautiful, quiet trails
  11. Looking at the stars
  12. Farmland
  13. Animals
  14. Wide open spaces (not the Dixie Chicks kind…)
  15. Libraries
  16. Smiles
  17. Random acts of kindness (seen or done)
  18. Mementos from the past
  19. The sound of rain
  20. Soaking up some sun (rarely, and not to tan, but because it brightens my mood)

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