52 Lists: Dreaming and Goal Setting



My Current and Future Goals and Dreams

  1. To marry the man I love
  2. To have children (at least one)
  3. To survive my first year of teaching
  4. To enjoy teaching for the rest of my life
  5. To receive a Masters Degree
  6. To change someone else’s life in a positive way (maybe more than one)
  7. To save up enough money for a new car
  8. To read all of the books in my library
  9. To be comfortable traveling anywhere, alone or with someone else
  10. To educate others about anxiety disorders
  11. To volunteer more (lots more) for good causes (animal rights, needy children)
  12. If unable to have kids of my own, to host students from another country or foster a child
  13. To learn to understand myself more than I do now (to an extent that I am comfortable with)
  14. To never lose sight of myself, my beliefs, and my heart
  15. A world of peace- or at least one with less worry, anxiety, pressure, and judgement
  16. To die happy
  17. To never lose another member of my family
  18. To publish… something
  19. To make memories that can never be forgotten
  20. To make my mark in the world and to be remembered years after the event (whatever that event may be)

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