52 Lists: Introduction/List 1: Words That Touch the Soul



I have been feeling like writing a new list post on the blog lately, but cannot seem to come up with a good idea. So, until someone suggests something more genius, I have found a fifty-two topic list challenge. Thanks to Moorea Seal for posting the 52 list challenge at her blog. I guess I am slightly behind because the 52 lists were supposed to be for one per week in 2013, but better late than never! 

For the record, I have also decided to get away from my silly Wordles, and to include some beautiful nature photos in my posts instead. I hope you enjoy them!

Words that Touch My Soul

1. Love

2. Peace

3. Hope

4. Family

5. Friends

6. Chocolate

7. Sense

8. Learn

9. Strive

10. Grow

11. Faith

12. Glee

13. Comfy

14. Reflection

15. Words

16. Math

17. Passion

18. Cozy

19. Relaxation

20. Giving

…. and many more, but I think 20 items for this list gets the point across. I may come back and add more later, but these are the top ones.


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