Inspiring Blogger Award

Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Well hey everyone! I had just intended to get on here this afternoon to create a new post that I had been inspired to write this morning— turns out, I was nominated for a blogger award while I was away!

I know that many people have been nominated for this award and that I have very little, if any, hopes of winning, but the nomination is absolutely thoughtful and inspiring in and of itself! I am so thankful to the person who nominated me, even though I don’t even know them or follow their blog! It is amazing to me how complete strangers can make someone feel so happy and accomplished (possibly without little or no effort too!) 

Anyway, as excited as I am, there are also some rules for nominees that will be explained and completed below. If you aren’t interested in that part, feel free to stop reading here. However, stay on this page and scroll to the bottom! After a little while I will post 15 blogs that inspire me! You should all go and check them out too. 🙂

  • Step One: Name the One you Inspired!Thanks to Megan (at InvisibleWorldd) for the nomination! I am going to check out your blog as soon as I am done with this post!
  • Step Two: Name the Rules-You must post the Very Inspiring Blogger Award logo on your blog and post a link to the blog by which you were nominated.
  • You must choose 15 bloggers to nominate for the award as well. Notify them in a comment on their page, and create a list on your own post (such as the one below).

And finally… My Nominees:

  1. Message From the Field — unfortunately not because I have read and love your blog posts for so long, but because the ones I have read are greatly inspiring to me and others who comment on them. Also, for the comments that you have left on my page that are truly supportive and inspiring on a more personal level. Thank you!
  2. A Sign of Life — for inspiring me to take the time to write more about silly, random topics than serious, stressful things that my brain normally likes to focus on. For reminding me that it’s okay to be an adult with childhood memories that are pure, innocent, and simple. Thank you!
  3. Infinite Free Time — for inspiring laughs, happiness, and a camaraderie that I have not felt with a stranger in a long time. The ability to comment on your post as a fellow educator and person who sometimes just struggles with day-to-day makes my life just a little bit better. I aspire to one day write the way you do— at random, with hilarity, and the pure truth.
  4. All those bloggers over at Small Act of Kindness — Your posts are by far my favorite to re-blog. You inspire me to be happier, complete random acts of kindness for random people at random times, and your posts are often simple and quick reads. The ability to read your posts so quickly and carelessly allows me to read more and more! That is what I want for my blog one day; for now I just have too many thoughts to make that happen!
  5. Dorky Mum — For giving me real, down-to-earth stories about your kids. Even if I never have kids of my own, your blog reminds me of my home, my family. That in itself is an inspiration! To be able to make someone feel so much comfort and likeness through your words is something that I will always strive to achieve!
  6. Jeyna Grace — For inspiring my Thursday blog posts and making me consider writing fiction again. I’ll never write as much as you (or be half as good as you either!) but the ability to share my story with more people in this world is all thanks to you and your inspiration!
  7. Vinnie Harned — For having a similar background to my own and inspiring me to write about it without feeling like some back-country small-town nut job! Most people don’t understand the life of a country girl, but you do and for that I am grateful! Plus, if I had accomplished what you have by that age, I’d be inspired by myself!
  8. Daily (w)rite — For giving me the idea to have a daily blog post regardless of what else is going on in my life at the time. I know I have failed with this schedule before (and will probably do so again), but my blog has received dozens of extra followers because I have decided to write about different topics each day. Thank you for the inspiration!
  9. Post Secret — For inspiring me to think outside of the box; how you ever came up with your idea is beyond my imaginings, but it rocks! You also inspire me to value the simpler things in life by posting these secrets of strangers who I can relate to. And, sometimes, you inspire me to just have a good laugh for no darned reason! 
  10. GodInterest — Thank you for inspiring me to look deeper into my Faith in numerous ways and for showing me that there are more believers out there than I will ever know! You inspire me to be more open with my Faith and to learn more about it as well. Thank you!
  11. Moments — Thank you for writing inspiring posts! I don’t read a lot of them and I don’t relate to some, but you write about things that matter! You have made an impact on my day more than once lately, and you always seem to brighten my future through your words. 
  12. Project Light to Life — For inspiring all of us bloggers to get out there and be active with our lives! And for inspiring me to think of my own bucket list; while not as inspiring or intriguing as your’s, I am having a pretty good time trying to complete some of the items on that list! Also, for being at an age where you can prove to others that our generation is not just a bunch of lazy, video-game-playing losers. We impact the world more than most think we do!
  13. Try Defying Gravity — For inspiring me to snuggle up in pjs and a blanket and read about someone else’s life for a change. The love and care you show to your children is an inspiration! Also, the closeness and amount of time that you share with your family inspires me to never stop giving my time and attention to those that I love! Thank you. 
  14. Dream, Play, Write! — For writing about those things that all of us as writers should be thinking about! For inspiring me to take a closer look at my writing before publishing it, and for inspiring me to be a better editor! I know I still make mistakes when I write my posts, but thanks to you, I am catching more and more of them each time I write!
  15. Digital Dimensions — For explaining to me the electronic mumbo jumbo that most of us just don’t understand without some help! You have inspired me to write pros and cons lists, do more research on electronics, and to realize that (even in every day life) sometimes there is no wrong choice, only difference in point of view. 

Thank you again to all 15 of you who have inspired me so much. And to those of you whom I follow and have not nominated, I am sorry I ran out of spaces! I expected making this list to be much harder than it was. Next time I’ll try to get everyone a nomination for the every day inspirations that you give me! 


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  1. Thank you! 🙂 I don’t typically participate in these, but I’ve been meaning to set up a couple badges that have been passed my way. This will be added on for sure. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much. I feel very honored but it is reward enough that my writing impacted your life in a good way. You are very kind and I look forward to getting to know you through sharing posts.
    Thanks again and blessings to you.

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