Always tell someone how you feel


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  1. “I’m actually only in my twenties, and live in a very rural area, where we take pride in our farms, grow crops in our own gardens, and trust in God to lead us down the right path. My life is very family-oriented and I’d do anything for a true friend. The only problem I ever have is figuring out which friends are “true”.
    What a great opening in your “about me”
    It is hard to figure out who our true friends are. It is important to be who God has made us, to be true to that, and to never apologize for what we believe.
    Your background, where you have grown up, your experiences in life so far are all part of who you are becoming. God will place people in your life that may not fit the description of what you would expect or choose as friends. Just be open to his leading. Trusting God to lead you on the right path as you said is the most important thing, everything else will follow. Sorry didn’t mean to write a book lol!
    Thanks for reading my blog. I look forward to reading your.

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