Wacky Wednesday: The Recipe for Disasters (L1T3)




The topic for the day from the topic list is: Your favourite recipe, even if you’re the worst cook in the world. Sometimes there’s an art to making the best vegemite toast you could ever eat.

Well, the problem with this topic is that I am an awful cook. Not in the way that you may think though. If you sit a recipe in front of my face, I can make a real decent meal. But I’m lazy in the kitchen. It is a very rare occurrence for me to want to make anything for supper. 

Luckily, I still have favorite recipes though, so I am able to write this post pretty well. A few years ago, I got a Pinterest account because one of my friends was obsessing over making all of this stuff off of Pinterest. Out of curiosity, I signed up. 

One day I came across this recipe for something called Chicken Ranch Lasagna. Cheesy chicken ranch lasagna--- this sounds good and I might actually be able to eat it!

Can I just say it looks amazing?!?! From reading the ingredients, it also looked like something my family might be able to eat. (We have all kinds of stomach problems around here, so that our recipes end up being chicken, chicken, and then more, plain, baked chicken.)

The recipe, thanks to Rachelle Shockey,  isn’t the cheapest one in the world, but it is extremely tasty and pretty easy to make! I have no idea if it is her original recipe or not, but it’s extremely yummy and I think that everyone should try it! Even my boyfriend, who likes spicy food and anything not plain loved this one. 

I admit that most times I end up passing this recipe off onto someone else, mainly just because another member of the family is normally the cook. Regardless of who makes the lasagna though, it is absolutely my favorite. 

Try it out, let me know what you think!


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