Wacky Wednesday— Movie Suggestion (L1T2)



It’s time for another post from the question list that I introduced last week. Today’s question is a tough one for me. I was asked to name the worst movie ever.

2. The worst movie you ever did see, and why.

I’m not a movie person. I mean, watching movies is a relaxing and fun activity, especially when I’m exhausted or want to hang out with a friend. Or on a really rainy day. Sometimes even when there is nothing on TV to watch. 

But I’m not one of those people who strive to watch every new movie that comes out of theaters. I’m not the kind of person to go to a movie premiere or put dozens of DVDs on my Christmas list. It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy movies; I just don’t obsess over them or choose viewing a movie as one of the best hobbies.

With that said, I have absolutely no idea what the worst movie is that I’ve ever seen. Because I am not as interested in movies as other people, I also have a hard time remembering the titles of movies. I can remember some pretty horrid ones (like the one that gave me my first glimpse of the naked male body— I was young and the movie said nothing about nudity). There were also those that just drove me crazy (ahem, every movie that has a cliffhanger ending!) Regardless though, I still cannot come up with a worst movie specifically. Not one, not even the suggestion of some titles.

So I asked my sister, who is, for all intents and purposes, my movie guru. She obsesses over movies when she really wants to see them. And this is not a bad thing, even though she can drive you crazy if you let her. Most times though, she impresses me with her vast knowledge of new movies, movies I’ve never heard, and those that I’ve long forgotten about by now. She used to watch movies and be able to recite almost every line that the characters said, on cue. 

She says the worst movie she ever saw was the “real life” version of the Cat in the Hat that came out in the early 2000s. Now that she mentioned it, I may have to agree. In fact, I do happen to recall that we never even finished that movie! It was so awful that even my sis did not finish watching the entire thing. I cannot seem to remember why it was so horribly bad, but it was. Such a sad, sad movie.

Anyway, I love writing, but that’s all I really have to say on this topic. Hopefully next week’s question/topic will be more interesting (to me) than this.


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