A Week’s Success


So here’s to being a blogger for over a week now! Yay! I have been doing pretty good with keeping up with my daily goal of one post per day, though I did slack off a little bit earlier in the week. I’m just happy that I decided to do this. Because, regardless of who reads my posts, or who really cares, at least I am getting all of these words out of my brain and making something that I can look back on a few years from now and (hopefully) be proud of. 

I also want to take the time to say that this experience is making me feel much closer to my boyfriend, which I didn’t think would be an outcome at all! He has been reading my posts and continues to tell me how good of a writer I am. Now he even asks me for advice! I may not be a perfect author or writer by any means, but it makes me happy that we now know one more thing about each other that is bringing us even closer!

I am also starting to get the itch to tell other people that I know about my blog. I know my family will sit around and wonder why I haven’t told them before now, but I think I may be ready to. I wanted to keep these thoughts all to myself, but then I realized, what’s the point of that? I can let them read it and then they will just know me even better than they already do. That is what my goal is going to be for this next week: Introduce more of my family and friends to my blog and continue to keep up with all of my usual posting. 

Check back in a few more minutes; I’m getting ready to post my TBT for the day. 🙂


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