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I liked the idea of the Friday Mash-Up yesterday. It will give me a chance to ramble a tad without rambling ALL the time! So even though no one has read (or maybe just not liked/commented) yesterday’s post, I think I am going to go ahead and stick with the Mash-up theme for Fridays. Plus we have already established that Thursdays on this blog with be TBT days, except I will be posting chapters from the story that I wrote a few years ago. (After I run out of story, who knows what will happen…)

So for Saturdays, I wanted to do something fun. Something exciting! I hate always talking and not being sure if anyone is out there hearing me or interested. Plus Saturdays are the best day of the week. It’s the weekend, we can all relax for a few days, and (like today) the weather can make for excellent family or friend outing opportunities.

Keeping with the carefree nature of Saturdays, I am going to start Saturday Reader’s Choice posts. Obviously, this implies that I need input from all of you. So here is how it will all work:

  • As many followers, readers, etc. can comment on a Saturday post as would like to participate. 
  • When you are posting ideas for the following week, you must start your comment with the words ‘Grab Bag’. 
  • Each Saturday I will read the ideas and choose my favorite to write about for that Saturday’s post. From there, readers can comment on it to try to have their topic discussed the following week. 
  • Please, only one idea per reader per week. I want to give everyone and opportunity to participate! However, if your ideas are the best, I may end up writing about your ideas each week. 

This is supposed to be a fun idea, so please participate and make it interesting! You can request me to research a topic that you would like to know more about, answer a question that you would like to ask, etc. Be spontaneous and come up with the most interesting, best idea possible. By the end of next week, if we have participators, I will keep up with the Saturday Reader’s Choice posts. Otherwise, I will have to come up with a new idea. 😦

The fun starts… NOW!

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  1. Grab bag: I saw a recent article that the speed of light may be less than has been thought. How would this affect physics on earth?

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